Deer Nathalie Piole, my love…

Eye swears, it is 19:55 CET AND if Herbie MANN hiJacks the Sesame Street theme, Eye is gonna cut that motherfucker. And fuck “The Cookie Munster Too! ».

In the next eh… pístola, St. Matthew’s Band fires up St. Elmo en un tono, —digamos– Rosa mexicano.

https ://www .radiofrance .fr /fip /podcasts /club-jazzafip /carte-blanche-a-thibault-de-montalembert -3726880

Gonna fuck with some Sirens at 105.1 fm now… don’t wait up. Love you, ditch Phat 🇳🇱 Basterd’.

Vamós México!

“A todos los que aman y a todos los que quieren y aman al fútbol ».

Ángel Fernández


You Make Loving Fun — La Barbie del MAC

The World Cup has officially begun.

Fuck, AS…🇸🇦 🛎️💃🏻🎶


El león no ES como lo pintan.

https ://cvc .cervantescervantes .es /lengua /refranero/ficha .aspx?

Coupe du monde 2022 : TF1 s’excuse après avoir rendu l’antenne avant la fin du match entre la France et la Tunisie  


La Gare de Lyon, Noe’, Como “la pinta” Barbie MAC.


El próximo TORO le corresponde…






Yes, hay dos “aman” en el ángel. Ya sé, and there is a reason for, IT!, but now is Knot The Thyme for that guisado, no hay tamal sin especie.

El Gato Con Botas is having some TAPA[s]TÍA with Mika’s Puss’, hilarity ensues when Mercredi’s Allegretto flys in on top of El Gato Bola[⚽]d’Or.



Deer, Andrés López Obrador, meet Claire McCaskill, she’s from the Ozarks, and she hates Nina, simón que Sí, bâton. bato, spell checker, not that faggety bâton shit! That’s how CEMEX pronounces béton.


Hocus Pocus just entered the seminary at ISSY.

check please♟️

El Gato Bola[⚽]d’Or 😺

… Wanna’ see the Cavalry 🤠 ?

Rabo y Concha para La Argentina 🐂

Que no te haga bobo Jacobo y que no te cargue el Halcón…


Over at the Meseta (🇦🇷), The Meat Puppets, were covering Juantanamera en la rue Hidalgo, casi esquina con Wanitobacoa en Botzaris.

For those who arrived to France, after 2013 (practically Yesterday) 🕵🏻‍♂️ General Carrillo Olea, founded El CISEN, (Alejandro Poiré en Sciences Po) which was the home of PEGASUS in the golden years of CINÉMA MEXIQUE en la Porte des Lilas.

https ://military-history .fandom .com /wiki /Jorge_Carrillo_Olea

2013, by the way, was a GLORIOUS year for Mexican spooks (orejas del gobierno, pues) in France, not only did they began to take their masks off, but ideologies of both the left and the right joined together at galleries, cinémas, theater, at CHURCH (to celebrate the NIÑA BLANCA, no less) to line up with the WISHES of French President François Hollande and his boy wonder, Manuel Valls.

https ://www .liberation .fr /politique /elections /manuel-valls-condamne-a-verser-277-000-euros-pour-financement-irregulier-de-sa-campagne-a-barcelone-

Hilarity ensues when Maximiliano goes to Germany in search for better fellations. Maximilian chose a little ditty titled “Good Morning, America; Eye Am your favorite SON” but in French.


Meanwhile at the Lido, Camilo Lara (Sony Music / ISM) is covering Kurt Cobain’s rendition of 🌬️🎶 Who needs action when you got words 


La concha en el copete

Ladies in Gemini, the following is an AAR (after Action revista) of last night’s alternativa de novillero, –a matador.