Of course, he did… Gustavo Dudamel moved to France Musique

Must be read in the voice of Seinfeld’s “soup nazi”.

To the owner/operator of the Kebab joint in question (not going to mention your Establishment’s name) it’s not you, i know that if you would have been at your post, flippin’ them crêpes, i would have had one of the best grec-style burritos, next to the ones from Sebastopol, —just before La Gare de l’Est. But seriously, the fellow on kebab duty may keep the ~€6… and i hope that his friend (a known client) enjoyed that French Burrito drenched in harissa de Tunisia, which as you and i know, is like CHAMOY, which in French roughly transliterates to La Vache Qui Rit™, the kind that kids eat as they train their palatte to more FUNKY ‘sminkin‘ Cheeses-es-ese… Apple Cîder, if you know what “Jesus Juice” means.

Uso justo de todas las “Rachels”. Coma frutas y verduras, but don’t you dare grill the meat and tomatoes together.

10 May 2016 {Fig. 1.} A man wearing a jacket featuring a swastika, eagle, and German cross. (January 2016, Pernik.) I started counting the swastikas sometime in December. Most days I would see at least one, but usually there were more. There were two between my apartment and my favorite bakery, and four on the way to my dance class. More than five visible through the bus window on the ride between Sofia and Plovdiv. Eleven in the first two hours of the drive north through the mountain pass toward Veliko Tarnovo. There are other neo-Nazi, white supremacist, and ultra-nationalist symbols, too. At an international folk festival I encountered a man wearing a Nazi jacket with impunity, police presence be damned (Figure 1)[1]. In February, I began to take the long way home to avoid the swastika that was freshly painted on my own building. The paint was red like the blood of history.

https ://rachelsusser .com /2016 /05 /10

With that in mind, please be advised that I, armando segovia, don’t select the news of the day, I only line up the Theys, and cross-reference the reticles if you know what BORESIGHTING procedures are.

https ://www .axios .com /scoop-swastika-discovered-at-us-embassy-in-bulgaria -b3938245-c263-4ab5-8df1-b0d9990db847 .html

— Ewe! With la batuta, do you want harissa de Tunisia on that AREPA?

No Soup For Ewe!!!

Over at the other SoFi(a)—in BULGARIA, the purple nazis are popping up on the WINDOWS there… Trou Story 🕳️, check your time listings and eat fruits and vegetables, unless you are a Lamb, and your name is HANIBAL LECTER, if that’s the case Drink tiger 🐅 blood.

Congratulations to The Cincinnati Kid{s} on a great run,
and Jonathan Le Mire, please relay to Cousin Joe, that in honor of Willie Geist having the day off, Fenster the copy-editor suggested, and STAFF agreed, that Öüï is naming his coq, “Little Willie Geist“…
en vigueur immédiatement.


Previously on El Error de Descartes, Phineas Gage rewinds:

Check this out ⇒ here’s the play:

1.~ Ewe takes the AFT out of A⇔B, ∴ that turns the round into a spent CAP on that Tiger’s ass.

https ://www .quora .com /Why-cant-the-aft-cap-on-tank-rounds-be-made-out-of-combustible-material

2.~ With the AFT out of the way, load another Round, this time Fire-Fire H.E.A.T and deliver a WARM PURE(é) de VAL with LIMA’s address on it. Bee Vegui Vegui carefull, because GENERAL DYNAMICS has the homefield advantage in Long Beach, which is just a piss-splash away from Inglewood and the LAX.

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Lima_Army_Tank_Plant

3.~ Wait fo’IT!, wait… what was the difference in the score? Let’s check it out:

  LAR 2320 CIN
Three (it checks out)

Full DISNEY-grade Disclosure:

Next, on Deadline WaWa Land, Nicolle eviscerates her former protège.

Yada, yada, yada

Earlier in the programming — Ray Charles rendered Bob Marley in the Key of Stevie Wonder

José Feliciano saw all the Details and relays the cover to light el reflejo de Crystal, pero con Brain Cancer.

Socialism, Cousin Joe— is NOT EXTREME MEASURES:65BED5AF-8451-4224-9371-C8795FEFDE58 ••• IMPEACHEMENT is, motherfucker, impeachment is what extreme measures look like for the One-Eye bandits.

And Christoper Hitchens says to the little one.

Hey, it’s not your fault.

Dear, Cousin Joe… can you send the Media Part some toothpaste, please? Eye mean, since you and Jimmy are not monitoring the Green Room… Oh, and eye also need to wipe my bung-ho, so throw in Toilette Paper for my ano. I, armando segovia, Cousin Joe, know what You and Buzzfeed did on Lent Season 2016. Your Move, Mika.

Which brings me, Armando Serrano Prieto, back to Square Motherfucking Önë [AT VICTORIA SQUARE], with Brontis à La Prefecture, Morena—Francia, Raphaël Moran (RFI), las amigas de mi ex, Los Amigos de las Amigas mexicanas de mi ex en Francia, y por supuesto, El Puto consúl encargado del Consulado de México En SAN BERNARDINO CALIFORNIA el 19 de enero de 2011… Your MOVE MARIANNE.

manazO y, Batman in the ROLE of VICE a Les Halles… a funny thing happened on the way to The Forum. Stick around, Christopher Hitchens and Fidel Castro are starring in the Remake of Lord of the Flys.