To: Vilma Fuentes, Cc: PEDRO MIGUEL — Subject: WAR CRIMINALS

Blank carbon copy:
ohn Mill Ackerman

MATT 7:15...

MATT 7:15… or some Scripture like that .:. ED72F87E-80CE-4E36-BEEE-2E602A52BC60 .:. Brothers and Sistas — THIS IS NO TIME For “siestas”!

… as fip is my witness:
AMLOve ain’t nothing but a business going on

Buenos días, Rachel Maddow. I (armando segovia / armando serrano prieto) really, really, —really— hope that your fishing day–off goes swell for you. De arranque, trucha with D.A.T. Phat Bass en el charco*.

* Now, before doña Vilma’s naguas start to slip from her falda at Le Anahuacalli, and Salma’s tangas from Princesse Tam💋Tam goes on getting all up in a bunch at The Bourse just in front of Au Pied du Cochinos, pay no attention to the improper use of borderplex Calo and other assorted Defense Language Aptitude Battery (DLAB) codes.

El club de las plegarias imposibles

El club de los Seminarios imposibles .:. A926A58E-E1D3-4BA2-8BBB-559E01253E98 .:. A ver, a ver, a ver, don Miguel Pedro, —por partes.

¿Neologismos? tal vez, eso está por verse, don Cueli, José, lo que si no es de ninguna puta manera una nueva lengua ha sido el lenguaje de O•D•I•O, Sos•Pe•Cho•SISMO, Chisme• y las balandronadas (showboating) de Pro•Ta•Gon•Ismo de los “luchadores sociales” que junto con agentes de la Fundación Televisa forjaron las intenciones —aquí en Francia— de

  • neo Zapatistas,
  • de sicilianos “Ras de Bol” de La Paz con Justicia y Dignidad,
  • del movimiento #YoSoy132,
  • del movimiento #YoSoy132 (academicos*)
  • de los y las pro “Libertad para Florence Cassez”,
  • de las pro “Cárcel para Florence Cassez”,
After the break

After the Break, it’s “Let’s Fork, with Molly Hunter” .:. 3B7D6DA6-EE93-4AEF-A046-59927CF16B84 .:. … and still to come, “Keyleigh McEnany”, but only if öüï fuck.

  • de una amalgama de celebraciones del “Día de Los Muertos” en La Gran Escuela de Medicina en Odeon, o en la Iglesia de Saint–Merri, y en squats que con el apoyo del Ayuntamiento de París (y embajadas) lograron okupar un espacio mas respetable, es decir, una galería de arte en el barrio latino de Saint-Michel.
  • de  representaciones de “Las mañanitas” a La Virgen de Guadalupe, adentro, afuera y en otros templos que no son La Catedral de Nuestra Señora de París.
  • del manejo del “Tour Europeo” de los familiares de los “43 de Ayotzinapa”
  • … y por supuesto, señor don Miguel, Pedro, del Año de México en Francia, en sus dos representaciones durante la segunda década del Siglo XXI, primero con la « fallida » visión del presidente Calderón, y luego en sus « exaltadas » revisiones de tropas con la ayuda de 🚁🛩✈️🛫🛬Airbus®️ y la gendarmería francesa🇫🇷🇲🇽

forjaron la opinión de 30 millones de mexicanos (equis, como dicen los y las lati@s que habitan bajo el regimen de Donald John Trump) para cambiar un sistema de gobierno que no sirve, por uno digno de merecerse una historieta de los Hermanos Grimm, narrada por supuesto, por Hermelinda Linda en una foto revista shot on–location in TOLUCA, Saltillo, Cuernavaca, Ciudad Chihuahua, Acapulco, Monterrey, La Riviera Maya, Tijuana, Mexicali, Ciudad Juárez, Aguascalientes, Jalisco, Sonora, Sinaloa y, por supuesto: Ca•Te•Ma•Co, Villa Hermosa y La Chingada quinta que no es del presidente de México, Andrés Manuel López O.

Law & Order — the march of “dimes*”

Adventures in Transliteration and False Friends

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Los Astillados de La Sierra

Issy, Leslie Jones, we are cooking on three burners but let u.s. not forget what’s been slow–roasting in the pit, and just to second what Yasmin Vassoughian said yesterday morning, Mary is proof that love can be matched (or found) in all places…

* Dime, from Latin: dicēre, dicho de otra manera, o como si dijéramos, the irregular participle part of the aforementioned di•cho; not to be confused with di•cho•so, because that is the polar opposite of what the President of Mexico SAYS that the more marginalized in Mexico are, o como dijera Pharrell Williams: HAPPY! 

Mini digresión:

And what are some of the reasons that for which the most marginalized in Mexico are happy? Because their Energy Sector unions are a simile of police departments across the U.S.

And because we listened to a then Senator Biden in Philadelphia when he was going to fix “the boys” in Philly and, because we also covered a little bit of Camden, N.J. when the police force there was in the process of being fired, we are going to attempt to draw a Venn Diagram of corrupt Mexican energy sector unions of the 1980´s, and police forces of the first decade of the Third Millenium of this most non–consequential world (universally speaking), two different realms or unlikes but isn’t D.A.T. what similes are all about? If we are wrong, or in the wrong (two separate things) please, Dr. Ackerman, John [Ph.D] let u.s. know, and don’t forget to smile.

This is contrast

This is contrast for all the news that fit to follow. So cover your eyes if you must, because right now in real time, the governor of Puebla is complaining that some of his constituents are way too cavalier when it comes to spreading or catching the Coronavirus.

Now, Eddie Gloude Jr., before we put a pause on the mini digression context covering the bases of the most marginalized in Mexico, please be advised that poverty in Mexico is measured, or benchmarked, starting from the “possessions” owned by the resident of the Governor’s Mansion in The Heroic Puebla de Zaragoza, which as all American “spring-breakers” know, The Heroic Puebla (actual nomenclature of that Mexican Federation state) is the site of Mexican Independence Day, which it’s celebrated on Cinco de Mayo. Of course, in order to qualify for “food-stamps” in Mexico, you must first declare your multi-million dollar “casita”, which you —of course— purchased from an ex-president of the ruling party.

Now it’s time for a closer look on the Set of Squirrels on Mr. Meyer walls:

Deer, Seth Meyers, thank you for providing the reinterpretation of yesterday’s Law & Order intro dialogue; here’s the Spanish translation, complete with it’s own unsung hero, a construction worker from the most fascist place in The American Continent, you would think it be in Argentina or Brasil, but no Sethy Boy, it’s in Jalisco… why do you think the Santana’s moved to Tijuana and then to the Frisco Bay?… because Jalisco is MALO, MALO, MALO; just ask AMLO‘s wanna be successor.

https ://www .theguardian .com /world /2020 /jun /08 /well-disappear-you-mexican-protesters-recount-terror-of-police-abduction

And for the record, Mr. Seth, this is not an intermission, and it is most definitely, not a motherfucking “riff”.

… which, brings me, Armando Segovia, back to Leslie Jones riff on Monday night’s Late Night session in the middle of the afternoon with “The Closer Look” host, because Ms. Jones as I am most certain that you will never read this post,  I want you to know that the worst thing that ever happened to me, as a person was being turned into a caged “little animal” for the French judicial and internal security to watch —and prove— in a certain way, but at least I am not dead –yet– for trying to do, since 2007 —mind you— that thing you suggested Seth’s viewers to do, and which is to SEE HOW THE System Works. The best thing that ever happened to me was to inspire the SNL writers to do a sketch about work place orgies. now D.A.T., Lesley Jones, is a motherfucking Riff!

Compared to WATT

Try to make, IT! Real .:. CBA7775E-2ECF-4575-9926-862A4C86C3AD 🧶 Compared to WATT (question Mark) period —_•¡•_— Coming Up: Leslie Jones is an AVID DIVA who can’t drive stick on The Time Machine… and Dr. Cornell West (of The 11th Hour fame) said: fear Knot! Our Hot Rods at WEST Hot Rods come in “Automatic fo The People”, Aussi!

And after the break, sweet Siren, we’ll Do an Intermission with Florence Cassez and Carlos Loret de Mola, —jest— to complement the Julio Astillado Show.