Negotiations and LoveSongs with KODACHROME in the RearView re-imagination mirror

La Prieta Linda
PickÖÜp ÖÜndizzz
like You wish Eye wood ».

Dear, Dr. StepHEN “T ». CoLTrain:
The DO scale RElays
de que SÍ, ta–Güeno Güero.

In Rugby News, much like the non-existent KIWIS, las Honduras got the Shaft:C889423B-C03B-4F81-A09D-A6961E1CAB69 … and Stephen Fry goes:
It’s almost as bad (not good) as a John Bulldog Byte… Said Lyle Lovitt in Lubbock. But you are not from Texas, you wouldn’t understand Paris.

You, sir, may communicate to your C-section interns that A, is O.K. with “Jimmy”, [if he really exists] taking our fragmented juxtapositions and fip/fapping our timeStamps. You MAY start, sir, by  CHANGING The Sound of the LAWYER CHASING American ambulances to sound more like the European SIRENS***… and while you are at it:

You May Add Another
ChicharitoBody Award on
Jon Batiste’s CBS Steingüey Piano.
Go Ahead, Doctor,
USE MÍ en la escala de So{u}l.

Play some Samba José Alfredo:0D6F89F5-7B09-4EE4-AC9B-30BA90DBD48A

Born on The 4th of July.

Espejito:62AD9B6D-2881-4DCE-8BFF-A036ADCBB721 ☕️ PÍNTAME angelitos negros, en Septiembre, Cousin Joe. Septiembre, mes de los negros.

page 45
Jupiter rears its Ugly Head.
In Living Color.
Pretty Please,

page iii

Frank Sinatra would like to remind,
all of you,
motherfuckers in New York,
that Feb_Rieh—ro
(bola de Kool–Arrows)
is International Colin Jost
on Corn Rolls

pinche bola de WALLstreetSTAS,
para acompañar la ESPIRITUALIDAD** d’ese Maíz, La Isla de Jamaica celebra durante todo el Largo mes de febrero
a la musica Rhe•ggg•æ,
misma que por OZMOZIZ,
así como los potrillos de
Gene Hackman (Captain Frank Ramsey, USN)
in Omar Sy’s lonewolf submarine,
las Yeguas paren a esos ragga-muffin crios
en Negro color de Llanta.
O Sea IRMA Sandoval;
esos corceles nacen más Prietos que la CoKa antes de que Natura los y las detiñe en el color favorito de Santa Barbara:
dot, dot, dot:
like your oximoronic Moreno ASS,
Johnny My’Boy.

Terapia Intensiva Unidad de Quemados 386

…Y ni modo, Prof. John Mill Ackerman, que usted me lo vaya a REPROBAR, o se le ocurra negar, el HECHO de que doña Queta no era una Prieta potranca, because EWE can’t, or Can YOU? Punk.

PostData: Chingue a su madre el Doctor Netas.

Musical Guest:
Live, from PUNTA CANA*

*… where if Ewe all remember from your 2018 December left turn at Avenida de Las Américas en Nueva Yo’l, The motherFUNking Underground Garage sent Mika on one of them “Cruise-es—es” to Get-a-Güey, in every nudo.

Hey, Susie… it’s ∴ One 33 ∴

… and at Studio 3A inside Rockefeller Center, KC-DC is sporting one helluva wrist Watch coordinated by that Awesome gray robe-like suit.

Live from Studio 3 ∴ it’s Eydie Gorme as banned by the BBB… wait, what? Not the Better Business Bureau!!! but the British Broadcasting Company.., or something like that.

Yup, it’s still Ms. Dior fashion Watch at asegovia3, and a Full Dress Rehearsal for Teeny Tiny Cat is–a–still Going-On, eh!

Anygüey, esto es el Intermedio de Las Dos*, al regresar “el gatillo” vuelve a hacer su vuelta por Xicali, esta vez acompañado de una Niña de Fuego del mismo tono y color que al “pintor” de la gran iglesia [que] se le olvidio pintar en sus muros, sus pendientes y sus domos.

Buika… La niña de fuego meets “el gatillo” bilingue de Xicali. Time-lapse: ∴ Dos 33 ∴

… angelitos negros, follow:

Ladies in Gemeni:
Minnie Miny Cat

De cualquier manera, Sirenas, gracias por abrir la Taquería “Funky Chicken with Frijoles” at 247 Guerrero St., we [the staff] sure dig that kind of Soul Food, from Tommy… we are also pleased to inform you that General José Juan Reyes (in the role of Pedro Armendaríz Sr.… q.e.p.d) commissioned Teenie Tiny Cat’s twin sister, MEENIE MINY CAT to take command and turn the tables on the “Pintores de Pincel Extranjero”, and engage the perimeter with her spinning and scratching skillz, eSe.

TimeStamp: It’s the Three O’clock hour in Central Europe Time.

Issy, right now, a cat loving Film Essayist’s favorite music is playing at the Siren Den—they might not know it, the Sirens and ‘la comadre Lety’ might not realize it, but Minnie Miny Cat little paws are all over that song list at Certains with fip… or something like that.

Marker’s trace of a Tiny Cat.

Right now the Marker is “the night time Ocho” in Central Europe Time, and the opening Act is part of a panacea and the miracle dose is measured in Lovecats, eh.

… Time–delayed link to Chris Marker segment at the Siren’s den follows. We [the staff] shift our screens back to Ms. Dior coverage of las musas en yeguas, on Quartzy—or something like that…

TimeStamp at Orly is 21h53 in Central NATO Time.