And, Marcus Miller {about} Juan… here’s WATT happened:

Issy, Mr. Marcus… if that’s your real name, “Why another reissue of Kind of Blue?”

Hit rewind and Eye will tell ya’ why ya’ Ewe Sun ov-Ah Bitch!

The thing is, that on that very Summer they at Juan (ansina se llama el “Pinshi” pueblo, pues) i had to be introduced to a “prophylaxie” called Comirnaty or something like that, the thing is, i was told [that] it was a Pfzier sheep-shot, and so of course, Eye had to try it out, because a sheep-shot is supposed to be immunization against “the sheeples,” a devastating disease, that makes the Black Plague look like a case of the sniffles.

To make matters worst, that sheep-shot was the second dose so como dicen allà en El Rancho Grande case esquina con San José de Las Panochas… ‘ya no había saque’, three weeks before, or Something like that, Eye had taken the first shot. So that is why on the 9th of July i personally could not crash you pretty little concert.

But worry KNOT!

Here Comes The Sun

… [I]n the mean time, stay away from our Jack Dorsey cumbucket holding pattern, on accout that IT IS KNOT APPROPRIATE FOR ten year-olds. I am Sirius and this has nothing to do [with] RAP, ask Chuck D:

https ://www .thedailybeast .com /at-least-8-dead-after-panic-at-astroworld-festival-in-texas-during-travis-scott-opening-night-set-with-drake

Houston Fire Chief Sam Peña said the disaster began around 9:15 p.m. local time (After Midnight in New York City) when the crowd began to “compress toward the front of the stage,” according to CNN.

Matrimonio a la francesa — o Algo así

Oh, hey there, Dave Chappelle.

Context on BFM TV’s coverage of a One Million (with a B) Euro parking ticket.

Last month, i saw you parked in the vicinity of the Saint Germain-des-Près parking space, right there, on the other extreme of the “nits mobile” parked in front of La Soupe Populaire at Mabillon. Then i saw you parked near Saint-Sulpice about a week or so after that. For the past couple of days you have been parking in front of the “Seize The Day” Café on La Rue des Bourdonnais next to the proprietary bike rack from La Ville de Paris. And no, for the moment i will not show you the picture because that is what robot (dumb robots) do. But i’ll tell you what i am going to do for you, i am going to let BFM TV put the context to this pitch. Are you ready? Here it goes.

Dumb Robots on Cars

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Black Friday — “Come get your nigger lessons”

Saint Dave Chappelle follows, but FO’ist!

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Your covers, my cardboards

Your news covers, my cardboards .:. 1F04DCB6-E1A0-4199-80B3-07DA9CD94CB8 🦞 🎶🎶🎶 We’ll go down to the crawdad hole. Honey, baby, mine.

Ask not what a « VIOLENCE POLICIÈRE » can do for LA RÉPUBLIQUE, but what the republic can do,  “for” the good of the order.

Parafraseo de Agnès Pannier-Runacher, ENAnita de Economía del gabinete del presidente francés, Mr. Emmanuel Macron.

https ://www .bfmtv .com /politique /gouvernement /producteur-tabasse-pour-pannier-runacher-une-violence-policiere-est-un-probleme-pour-la-republique _AV-202011270109 .html

Of course...

Of course, it’s no « conFLICt of Interest » with the Préfecture de Police à Paris or, pepper spray down the EAR CANAL or on the top of the mouth (palette) but, Mr. Mediapart, we did try to serve you an appetizer before the GUMBO…. _-!-_ Note to non-readers of this blog, this snapshot is re-visited on 30/07/2021 to highlight the point that Not All Cops are Pigs, but some are real SONS-of-Bitches.

The last time that Öüï saw the entire area between the Hôtel Dieu and The Prefecture de Police (Metro Line 4) blocked off, a police officer there had committed fratricide against one of his collegues. Let’s hope that today’s blockage is due to the enhanced check points for COVID–19, period, and with that, Eye does KNOT want to tell the good people of the French Republik, « Eye told you So, but there it is ».