Dear Seth Meyer… all of a sudden Evry body wants to be a drummer, eh‽

SNL* (D-Ca) Kamala Harris (nice blurry tits) you got D.A.R.E…. this is an Intermission, and live from Paname, It’s Tuesday’s Gone!.

Don't blame Obama

Don’t blame Obama for America’s failures, Mr. Meyer… you are the equivalent, Sir, of an Austrian art school entrance exam reviewer in 1907 and again in 1908. .::. AEF7E0AF-0804-4B76-823A-055C1C55DEAC ➿ … and it is because of this FACT, Mr. Meyers, that you are barred from being “sarcastic” with POTUS 45; so pena of having that dare sonofabitch re-elected again; stick to Sesame Street jokes, Mr. Meyers, and please, relase “the” Oscar, öüï know that D.A.T. D.A.R.E. fly going in your ear and coming out the other end of your noggin is a Signature Grouch “Flying Bee”.

https ://thehill .com /blogs / in-the-know/ in-the-know /346338-seth-meyers-jokes-that-obama-is-responsible-for-spurring-trumps

On a more serious note, Mr. Meyers, Eye is willing to bet Maya Rudolph’s 3–D sauna glasses that you thought that D.A.T. D.A.R.E. blurry dot next to you on the frame Above ⬆️ was a fly, eh? But Öüï knows, Mr. Meyer, that D.A.T. D.A.R.E. dot is really the Moon orbiting that blue marble con América as its face that you are holding for this sketch, Mr. Meyers.

In Local expected News:

Shops of all stripes began to see the elbow grease of regular Frogs dusting the bunnies away from the countertops and tables, and/or buffing the windows of storefronts and eateries around the Center of Paris. From the bottom of Les Halles, we [the staff] wish to thank all of the different associations and regular citizens who have been distributing food in churches, halls, and along la rue de Rivoli. Muy Agradecido, muy agradecido, —muy agradecido.

Meanwhile at The Hill, it is important to note, D.A.T. öüï don’t select the comedic sketches, we [the staff] only show you the goods.

… Now before we, the staff of this most non-consequential blog continue with today’s programming, öüï must go through the NUMBERS and Pretend that there is Time for Spring Training, and this Steve Kornacki is a Double Play:

Time now is 1:45 am in Central Nato Time and Steve Schmitt is at the plate with Michael Che (drinking brandy) at first base. Che arrived to first base thanks to a questionable call from the umpire, awarding him a ball where there should have been a strike. You might recall that Michael Che received two questionable balls in the count with a “new study” about the number of viagras that Colin Jost takes before he sends a text to announce to Tic Toc that he is up, or something like that, Then (that motherfucker) Michael Che used a study about how Gotham pigeons are genetically different from them despicable Bostonian winged counterparts to get that third ball up his alley, sending him to first base.


Foto por: XinHUAHUA .::. E10F3C96-1B14-45A4-841B-8B68DE7569F1 ⚾️ Chin Gua Gua! Uso justo de todos los medios para establecer un Hilo en el tema de esta sección. Meet u.s. on the next posting where a Lucha Libre match is now in Progress, and Seth Meyer just jumped in the ring.

At the mound is the first French baseball player in Major League history, a kid by the name¹ of Le Gofari. The count on Mr. Schmitty is now Two and Oh, —here comes the Third pitch and Mr. Schmitty drives a line through the shortstop where Dr. Fauci picks it up—sends it to second where What! takes Che Out and telegraphs the play to First where of course—WHO sends Mr. Schmitty “back to where he Came From!”.


Must show work section:

1º. TAG equals Parody: https ://asegovia3 .com /2015/04/18/20-de-abril /#more-1205