Nicole! Stop it — You purple cunt!

Not really, sink Florida… sink that bitch all the Way To ATLANTIS, mister Donovan will show Bob Dylan (that motherfucker!) The Guey.

Talents and Skills Visa recipient… with a NAME like that, doctor Fish (vagina alias) you know you should be Glad.

my calculations arrojan datos aerodinámicos que dictan que… una Unión sin La Florida mandaría a todo el distrito de “Little Have Anna”, a chingar a Sumatra.

And who can argue with a clean slate for Bermuda… never mind the Puerto Ricans, but that is only ∵ “Esidente” cannot, Eye Re-Pete! “Esidente³” can’t roll with the Letter ARE.

https ://blog .cognifit .com /rhotacism

³~. “Ene PéEz”… pronounced differently en Las escuelas RuRales de Ayotzinapa like so: Rene Pérez, a Boricua 🇵🇷 “Waper” 🎤

Any hoot, Nathalie Piolé ⛏️, have Eye told you lately that …

I love you…

It’s a good thing
that you…
don’t read this blog,   if you did, you would learn to play Mozart’s “Magick Flauta” like AUSTALIANS do.

https ://fr .metrotime .be /wtf /son-incroyable-talentjouer-de-la-flute-avec-son-vagin -video

ENCORE!!! 👏👏👏