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This film has Knot been rated, yet… Sin Embargo, in an effort to extend our outreach to Cerf-panthère at the 20minutes dot France Fake-Off Editorial Desk, Öüï would like to dismiss the CLAIM that ENRIQUE PEÑA NIETO was not purchasing burritos at the Mexican Taco Shop at Les Halles (Rue de Cinéma, Level -3, 75001… just below Au Pied Du Cochon)… non-readers of FAKE-OFF may request the VIDEO FEED from the authorites at The American-Style Mall framing the FEED from FRIDAY, OCTOBER the 8TH.

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2021/10/10 /politica /pillan-a-lozoya-en-restaurante-de-las-lomas/

Coincidence??? Ask the Mexican Film Fest organizers to confirm… And here is why(¿NO?): Fake Knews and Knowns relay that the best president that PROmexico ever had was enjoying a French Chimichanga in front of Le Forum des Images, now known as The Westfield MAll Image ForumAsk “les fibres (not las fiebres) de ARIANNE, that cyber-bitch recorded Mr. Peña Nieto fibers (sans perruche or blonde bombshell from Bruxells).

The WESTFIELD MALL has a 72-hour policy that states that you (any French Citizen, regardless if you are an Indian or not) can review the CLOSED-CIRCUIT SECURITY FEED from any of the comercial areas in the formerly François TRUFFAUT concession stands. TimeStamp to look for the former BERNARDO Gómez gallo is between Noon and Three in the afternoon of Octubre del Ocho, chavo del toro.

¡Misión Cumplida! — Did you know that it was Florence Cassez who invented the hippies…

17 de Diciembre, 2017

Place de l’Italy; vicinity Metro tunnel Line 7. —>_¡_<—. Borrón y Cuenta Nueva… let’s hope that the next Mexican President is not a 21st Century version of a fucking Il Duce

Mission Accomplished, Monsieur Hollande. All is ready for Jupiter II  to carry out the rest of the Accord. SitRep follows; in the mean time, know that the Law of Internal Security is a Full Unanimous Go in the Mexican Senate…

Las noticias son tan buenas, que hasta Fisgón, el artista de d’este carton, —se fue de vacaciones, y recicló lo que ya todo el mundo CONECTADO A UN INTERNET LIBRE Y SIN RESTRICCIONES ya sabía desde el 2012. VIVA MÉXICO.

our contacts in France [Los Amigos de Mexico en Francia] will  keep you posted on the progress of President Peña Nieto’s signature on that particular chapter on the JOURNAL OF THE FEDERATION that WILL EMPOWER your friends at the Mexican Government to support a permanent presence of Military Trained Elements to patrol the Mexican civilian sector; and oh-but-of course, keep “our thing” in Check, Congratulations, Monsieur Le President! QUE VIVA EL AÑO DE MEXICO EN FRANCIA y QUE VIVAN LOS PAGOS EN ESPECIE A LOS ELEMENTOS CULTURALES QUE LE DIERON UN MUY BUEN ROSTRO A ESE Gran Acuerdo Estratégico Económico y Estructural.

Henri’s credit follows… ¡Uso justo de todos los Magnums!


end of Part One; Oddball hippies and the Mexican Supreme Justice/Minister that could become the next Interior Minister in Mexico follows; stick around The Ackerman files and professor Pedro Salmerón Sanguinés challenge, to follow.

In the here-and-now here are the sources to the content up above:


En entrevista con Excélsior Televisión, Olga María del Carmen​ Sánchez Cordero de García Villegas relató que le gustaba el movimiento hippie, ya que fue un movimiento que empezó en Francia y continúo en Inglaterra

Comentario de [el staff]: ya para cuando El Capitán Trips García lo incorporó a La Muerte Agradecida, el movimiento hippie estaba más desbocinado que los Speakers de Iron Butterfly.

2. Fisgón en La Jornada:

3. Henri Cartier-Bresson, vía Francia (1953) y Mexico (1963). Foto-Captura es cortesía de los Reporteros Sin Fronteras (1999). Uso justo de todos los Henri’s, en todos los medios. •—_!_—•  Foto y comentarios en puño y letra por [el staff].