Kayleigh! — Hey, Kayleigh… KAYLEIGH!!!

Science says that the only way to restore faith in dumb blondes like you, is by fucking like Wabbits on God’s Green Earth, —with Mí. Kayleigh!!! It’s the 11th Hour in New York and in Paris it’s 5 O’Clock!

Let's pretend

Let’s pretend it’s A Brave New World… i’m B+ .:. 2A3A6FBF-B705-41CD-82D2-E3933F9322D2

Page One: not to be outdone by Nick Confessore, AP LeMire moonlights on The BriWi time-slot to make a CLAIM on the longest shift on the programming.

Dear, President Trump… Page 9; Le Monde de Mr. Macron

Oh, hey Kayleigh McEnany

With Hallie Jackson’s permission i, Armando Segovia, will be using this Zinger on you and for the record, you are going to have to get used to catching up with El Mundo de Le Monde, por ejemplo Kay (let’s just forget about the leigh, let’s fuck the leigh, ‘Kay?) it’s no surprise that the person who would convince your sexy ass to say that the best way to enjoy a SOLAR ECLIPSE is to go “natural”, just like he did Stormy Daniels, would go into a face mask factory without a face mask, but with safety goggles on! 

Behold (motherfuckers)
Previously on, “There's a template for, IT!”

Previously on, “There’s a template for, IT!” .::. 1E10D3F5-0964-4505-BB74-E8264676BFEC 🏄🏽‍♂️ Dear, Cousin Joe, Eye keeps telling your blind Alabama Choir Boy ass, Donald Trump is using my blog as a one–place stop for his after-market political rallies ideas, that is to say you’ve got, TUNE IN, but it’s all right, D.A.T. is Eye Thinks, that The Wings disagree with having “Live and Let Die” playing in the background of an essential item for the pandemic that he (AND HE ALONE) mishandled. —_•!•_— For the archives, le « Patron » comes courtesy of Le Monde, N° 23425; Dimanche 3 – Lundi 4 Mai 2020.

The Real Patrón!

Gheez Whizz, Madame Press Secretary! Can you imagine if in a parallel universe your boss went into an underwear factory? Good God, the president would probably wear a Brassier for his man boobs and would heroically enter the floor swinging his mushroom manhood like a Michigan commando.

It's Symbolic of course

It’s Symbolic, —of course .::. D0591AD4-CE8A-46ED-8A4C-0356414C8F49 🦠📺 FOX State Media y Televisa LATINUS presenta: La cotorra del Trompudo.

For the record, ‘Kay, we know… wait, scratch D.A.T…. we know that your cheeky smile will not be telling the nation any lies; Parrots, sexy ‘Kay, tell no lies, Parrots only repeat (verbatim) what their masters say.