Donna’s PIPELINE — Leo Leo, me gotta go

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah


Leonard Leo installs G.W. Bush’s statue at the little mullet world series league in the U.S. of A., Donna Perino introduces her “battery daddy³” and, the Opus Dei just got a warm fuzzy.


Steely Dana

https ://www .msnbc .com /all-in /watch /leonard-leo-the-most-powerful-person-in-america-you-ve-never-heard-of -146772037944

³~. En contexto, all FOX News pundits have porn names assigned to them by H.R., por ejemplo, Raquelito, Dana “Donna” Perino’s sugar daddy is called “battery daddy” because Leonard Leo is what powers her dildo.

After the break Chuy Bailey Watters, the long-lost illegitimate love child of Los Leones de Venezuela (José Luis Rodríguez² and SANDRO¹ de América) celebrates the Month of August and how the French, yes, the lovely French citiZenry riding VESPAS in ROMA, ended up a young Jewish woman named Anne Franck. But it’s OK, the Fifth Republic assigned a little plot of parcela in her NAME near Les Archives du C.E.A.

²~. El Puma… Pavorreal

Para escuchar en penumbras.

¹~. Gitano El Paolo, actually a Gaucho, but because he admitted to being a Gypsy, the military government of Generalissimo Juan Carlos Onganía , sent Sandro de América to México first, and then Venezuela… Sandro escaped Argentina looking like a sleek Imperialist Gringo and Sandro never looked back, but Sandro’s never been To Vegas.

~. Cultural Expériences Abroad


Hey, Lety… para decir adios: un Poisson de avril

En primera persona.

”there are places i remember…”

The Gospel according to: Saint-Sir-George, Saint Paul… and of course: John.

i did mention that what follows is Fusion Fiction… o algo así, eh!

… anygüey, Comadre, al regresar les Copains d’Abord le quitan la corona de espinas al Super Estrella al son de Salsa africana, pero no piensen que es de “harissa”, porque esa chingadera no pica, en fin Comadre, a Chuy hasta unos cacles de polímero y poliuretano le vamos a prestar.

apophenia of footprints far from the sands… context follows…

Hey, chica, the following is a NSFW segment before the local news on page 3, of la semana que Philippe irá a labrar, que conste Comadre, que la entrada fue preparada en time-delayed mode, ¿ok, computadora?

Actual Time now, Johnny—is 16h54 … 19h41 on Fip Central Time con la comadre Lety on da’ controls!

Wait for it, Comadre… wait, wait just until it’s time for “The Nightlife” and then, make it hurt, one–mo’–again, S.V.P.


« For the leader; according to “Lilies.”* Of David. »

“Save me, God, for the waters* have reached my neck.”

Psalms, Chapter 69
Source: The Vatican Bible
Category: Fusion Fiction

[Canto de Sirena
en Versión Original con sub títulos en Castellano, no necesariamente —en Anglais o en Espagnol,]

— Sirena mayor:


In the written words of the “Mother” of all disclaimers: The Church of Latter Days Saints at the South Park —universe:

… all characters and events in this [show]… even those based on REAL PEOPLE – are entirely FICTIONAL…

TimeShift to May of 2001, “Mary Loves Scoochie: Part 1 and Two.” }—-~~~\*> Via: Third Rock From The Sun; at Mr. Peacock’s NBC… fair use of all media, Ms. Curtain.

and to Quote a “Guy” who Fucked a FISH Called WANDA, and even the Professor Slut (according to the newscaster Dan Aykroid) at the Research Center of the University of Third Rock From The Sun, [Seasons 3.23 and 6.17/18]:

… if you are easily offended, DON’T [Watch]

TimeStamp in Tucson, Arizona—it’s Calexico time on Fip Central Station Watch… 22h50

Yo soy tu padre y tu madre también:

Fair use del Canto de las Sirenas, vatos!

Las fuentes de doña Vilma y los enlaces del Dr. Liam Neesam, llegan en menos de un año de Luz en Issy–les–Moulineaux, eh.



3. Jane, you educated Slut; [Time–Shift, from the 70’s to 1996 thru 2001], via:

… etc., etc., etcetera.