Donna’s PIPELINE — Leo Leo, me gotta go

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah


Leonard Leo installs G.W. Bush’s statue at the little mullet world series league in the U.S. of A., Donna Perino introduces her “battery daddy³” and, the Opus Dei just got a warm fuzzy.


Steely Dana

https ://www .msnbc .com /all-in /watch /leonard-leo-the-most-powerful-person-in-america-you-ve-never-heard-of -146772037944

³~. En contexto, all FOX News pundits have porn names assigned to them by H.R., por ejemplo, Raquelito, Dana “Donna” Perino’s sugar daddy is called “battery daddy” because Leonard Leo is what powers her dildo.

After the break Chuy Bailey Watters, the long-lost illegitimate love child of Los Leones de Venezuela (José Luis Rodríguez² and SANDRO¹ de América) celebrates the Month of August and how the French, yes, the lovely French citiZenry riding VESPAS in ROMA, ended up a young Jewish woman named Anne Franck. But it’s OK, the Fifth Republic assigned a little plot of parcela in her NAME near Les Archives du C.E.A.

²~. El Puma… Pavorreal

Para escuchar en penumbras.

¹~. Gitano El Paolo, actually a Gaucho, but because he admitted to being a Gypsy, the military government of Generalissimo Juan Carlos Onganía , sent Sandro de América to México first, and then Venezuela… Sandro escaped Argentina looking like a sleek Imperialist Gringo and Sandro never looked back, but Sandro’s never been To Vegas.

~. Cultural Expériences Abroad