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Goooooood Mo’rning PAhhhhhhhRis, to They, hoy es día de San José, and in Hilo, Hawaii,it is still Yesterday… told you all down in Paradise that “Tomorrow” is Día de San José, i just didn’t tell Cerf-panthere in what motherfucking Time Zone…. Goooooo_MinneSOTA ! 🌬

Coming up en Las Fuentes de Doña Vilma, i say farewell to PichiAvo… yeah, Alex.

But FO’ist i switch it over to Victoria de Francesco SOTO (knot to be confused with SOTA) and Cerf-panthère whom i am most certainly not having a coincidental VeryLowFrequency communication… “Take it a güey, Willie Giest!”

Allow me, Armando Segovia, to explain:

https ://www .milenio .com /politica /romero-deschamps-jubilara-salario-100-prestaciones

I once knew a gentleman, he happened to have invented the “bag–O-shit” for the First-Class passengers of Air France… or maybe it was Turkish Airways (punto y coma) it doesn’t matter; the thing is… mis Amigos valencianos, that this gentleman decided to sell his very lucrative company (in advertising) on account that the product of his “loins¹” did not wish to follow in the family business…. so the inventor of the “bag–O-shit” for the First-Class passengers of Air France… or maybe it was Turkish Airways decided to retire, long story short, that gentleman got a retirement package quite similar as that of the laborer in Mexico (minus the Super Cars) who just got the following package 💺3B9A6A99-2512-47F9-A461-00D2E6A3D95A 💳
1. Full medical for him and his relatives.
2. Full pay, plus a Christmas bonus.
3. Food Basket or Per Diem when abroad.
4. Gas for his mansions, plus Fuel for his personal vehicles.
5. A guaranteed seat on First Class (reference the above mentioned airlines).
6. Rumor has it that he also gets a happy ending at his funeral because he will not have to pay for it.
Now that’s the way you do it 🛫

1. Buford T. Justice: [to his son] There’s no way, *no* way that you came from *my* loins. Soon as I get home, first thing I’m gonna do is punch yo mamma in da mouth!

Don’t call it a qui pro quo, Professor DeFrancesco, it’s just quite the coincidence (a pretty fucking big one, mind you) that Mr. Biden (POTUS 46) is sending the excess Astra-Zeneca®️vaccines (the Coronavirus serum) to Mexico and to Canada (punto y coma) the first puts a carrot on Mr. López AMLO’brador (the 4 president of Mexico following the 70-year soft dictatorship there) provided he is “more proactive” in stopping the flow of Central Americans immigrants stuck in Tijuana, and other assorted border towns (punto y coma) the second is a gift to Canada in order to Celebrate the Canucks patron Saint: Joe the charpenter.

_ context for Défendente Génolini on one thing that was left out about Saint-Joseph, for instance aside from being the Patron Saint of Carlos Romero Deschamps, did you know that…

A yes! Rollin’ Down The Street with my?… Anyone? Rolling down the street with my what? Anyone? Philippe Labro, “Rollin’ down the street”, could you please finish the Color of this ride in Les Cles du Jour, N° 2582? — I’m feeling Minnesota but looking Menilmontant_Oh Yeah, 🎶🗣so now you know—WHO GETS mystified

… Anyhow, Victoria, en Hilo–Hawaii sigue siendo El Día de San José (punto y aparte) quién aparte de ser el Santo Patrón de la Excellon Mining Company, también es—Coincidentemente por coincidencia Santo Patrón de San José de Las Panochas, municipio del ayuntamiento del Real de Mapimí, Durango—República (federativa) Mexicana… casi esquina con el Ejido ROMA: Eye dares you to check with Paul Newman (Fat Man and Little Boy, bomb testing site (mid-80’s) and the INEGI Plan.

Aquí en el Jardín de Cluny ya son las 9 de la mañana, y si no fuese por las AUTOridades que me siguen cortando mis alas, repito, las autoRIDADES, esta captura hubiese llegado a las 7  de la tarde in HAWAII’s Twilight Time:

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