Say anything — Joe Satriani, you are not foolin’ any marcianos

SitRep from a Jet City cabbie
The Case of the stolen opening Drum Solo of “Panther Pink Panther from Head to Toes“.
Year: 2032

And in the role of

And in the role of.:.806C7F61-725C-4473-B474-94BF32951DE8 •|• Starring as The Bastard Son of The Pink Panther: Joe Satriani featuring Ari Melber as the shade-throwing manservant Cato, period

Things got a lot worse for six-stringers and microphone wailers following the 10–year “final solution” of the Trump presidency. By the time 2020 arrived, guitar hero Joe Satriani had to shave his noggin’ into a Cue and the French had to invent a “special” kind of Spectacles to hide those big’ol Martian Jeepers. Across the Sound, the front man for a local rock-opera band, once charged with committing an “operation mindcrime”, o algo así, suffered the same fate, however his Spectacles where only big in Prague.

El ataque de las chicas Chelo

En el ataque acentuado de las chicas Cello, el Tres prepara la vereda. Bar 3 ; SHUBERT, Shymphony No. 9 — Note to Cousin Joe’s British cocinera, who is in for the Big Kat: Andante, (❗️ = 100). TRACK 4; a legato, somewhat larger than the following Önë.  “God Bless ClouSEAU”, period

Source: El alegato como Staccato.
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