Año de Hidalgo — With your host: Alejandro Trebek

… Special Suiza enginebrada edition:

Apophenia en forma del cura Hidalgo versión, “Shroud de Tuileries. }—-~~~\*>  Foto por armando segovia / segoviaspixes 2018… CopyLeft.

[Voz de hembra en Inglés:
Sarah Silverman en el rol de Miss March]

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“Another Lightning Round of Jeopardy
Alejandro Trebek”.

[Voz de hombre
Alejandro Trebek en el rol de Gael García Bernal]

Let me check with the control room on that….

Alejandro touches his earpiece and asks:

Have we heared of this Costner fellow?

Ah, I see… no Armando, we’ve never heard of that guy.

Anygüey… for 500 dollars; let’s begin the contest with the category:

México Lindo y Querido


Alejandro Trebek:

We’ve already established that there is “No God In Mexico—ain’t no way to understand…” dijo una vez, Waylon Jennings, but can you name the reason for why every six years in la tierra del Tequila y del Nopal, people in “The Know” call it: ¿El AÑO DE HIDALGO?

[Buzzer sound is heard and there is a big 10 year-old smile on Major Clown Penis]

[Will Farrel can’t contain his eagerness to anwer and vocally charges with his answer]

Because in the last year of a Mexican Presidential term the masses always shout: ¡NO NOS VAMOS A DEJAR!

Alejandro Trebek:

Ok… but can you put that in the form of a question, Armando… i mean this isn’t the first time riding this horse, eh.

[Will Farrel’s knees can’t stop springing up and down, his hips shake to and fro, and rephrases the answer according to the show’s Standard Operating Procedure]

  What is because the People in the streets manifest and shout: We are not gonna take it.

Alejandro Trebek:

Ohhhhh, better luck next time my old friend, you are referring to El Año de Carranza, which is the year that follows El AÑO DE HIDALGO, better luck next time, Armando.

Lead by example… El Super Estrella multiplicó peces y transformó el agua en bendito seas VINO… en nuesta era lo que se tranforma en el pais al que – aparentemente un CURA le dio PATRIA – son las caricaturas y los monitos, pero al menos eso – esperemos que sea mejor que una dieta de fútbol. ¡Viva México! }—~~~\*> Uso justo de todos los Diarios.


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