In Washington, Mitt Romney and Donald Trump have lunch at the White House

On the menu:

Ancas de Rana

Ancas de Rana y kool-AID for the fast & furious.

Main Entry:
Frog legs, according to the MorJo coffee shop show.

Meanwhile, on the Wallace-a-thon, Former Senator Claire McCass is spilling the beans on how they (KloubuChar and her) got away with alimony from the thousands of boyfriends that they squeezed on the CAMPaign trail (Volumes 1 through 9). On set, Nicole is showing signs of serious fatigue, it seems that “skittles and coffee” are dragging the Purple Pundit down, way down; two chairs down, to Nicolle’s right is Ari Melver, clean-shaven y como dijera Bumble Bee Man on the Simpsons (from Springfield, Ohio) “más fresco que una lechuga”. Ari Melber is a lawyer, the Seattle Sounder makes a lot of “lechugas”, which is C.O.D.E. for the Federal Reserve Board “greenbacks“, SO, there is only one explanation that can account for the Hip-Hop pundit’s vitality, that motherfucker is High on cocaine, just like every motherfucking Lawyer in the United States. So g’ahead Wallace, we know that you don’t lie, you don’t lie — lie on the ground, have some cocaine.

She's so tired...

She’s so tired… she just Glitched a Meachum in the Matrix.:.8AE009E8-A1A1-4339-A2D5-6F25FD809E45 •|• Over in Hilo, Hawaii, Mr. Cool Breeze Over The Mountains Reeves*, takes on the role of Senator Romney, and turns into a Mexican Bandido.

* There–there:

https ://imdb .com/name/nm0000206/bio?

COCAINE, make your impeachment experience of 2019 be like the one when Nixon got caught robbing a Bank:

La quebrada en tabla

La quebrada en tabla

Dessert… to “clear the Table“:
Panqué (moulleux) fourré au caramel
BEURRE sale, and Ketchup à volonté.

A Year in l’Historia
November 2019 follows

22h20CET 21-11-2019

22h20 CET on 21-11-2019.:.4C199476-07F6-410B-AEC4-87CB2BFB4AA8 •|• Rep. (CA) Adam Schiff, “We Are Better Than That”. It’s Turkey Time.

During the lunch session, it was agreed that “los comensales” would adopt an identity, Mitt Romney said, “I will be Johnny Utah”.

The sheep counting urges on Nicolle, quantum leaped her to Capitol Hill and her fatigue even Matrixed the Brave Fiona and that dude Mr. Holmes. Awestrucking. Meanwhile, Ari Melver is donating Cocaine to the rest of the LawYers on the Purple Pundit’s Show.

Purple Spiced Tang®️

Purple Spiced Tang®️.:.FB686B39-7118-4553-899C-038B65CAFCD9 •|• Sabor uva.

Things got back to normal when el Niño Luc showed up, the french spinner was supposed to DJ, but Americans sin acento can’t resist a French dude in a fancy setting so Devin Nunes, the rankiest member at the lunch settin’ dressed Mr. Luc as a “Maître D’Hôtel de la Capitol Records Police… Oh, the humanity. It was at this precise moment, when Mr. Nunes was giving Mr. Niño Luc his suit that the Trump apologiste decided what his identity for the lunch would be. Mr. Nunes saw el Niño Luc’s presentation card. It had a Siren Den logo, so Mr. Nunes woul be the Starbucks Siren… on Motherfucking LSD!!! Everyone at the table agreed, the identity fit his sorry two–face cheekily cheeks purrfect.


Get Shorty Season 3 – Episode 3 (Hold it Gnow)

Dear, Huffington Post:
For The Record: frequency-hop-los-hilos-de-sasha-

Take the Mask off, put a name on it, and fuck Anonymous, and of course, the following must be read in a Brian Williams voice.

First off, your Exec’s are all fags; secondly, of course water is wet, that is why when cool, it’s refreshing and when hot, it’s very soluble, case in point follows, because even flat–Earthers on the Mitt–the–Anonymous Press, Gknow that water is also WET.

* Toilet paper maker

* Toilet paper maker.:.03EA2107-7022-4634-AF5E-FF465686D9BB •|• … por: Professor John Mill Ackerman, “Las Lecciones aprendidas en CULiacán”. Según los TP’s digitales de los Forbes, “El motivo principal esgrimido por González Guajardo fue la desaceleración económica y a la desconfianza generada por algunas decisiones tomadas por la actual administración del presidente Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

The fact that your Tepito bureau was shutdown shows your commitment to “the gateway to Washington’s backyard”. I mean, it’s not like Arianna Huffington killed the peoples choice of TP* para “el pueblo”, to then have you report on the Purple Wallace Laugh  when sycophants of Donald Trump are running the big Show around The Globe.

TimeStamp: 23h53 CET

It's the 11th hour

It’s the 11th hour.:.D4BD502E-99D4-4C99-9165-993959271789

Deer Chuck Todd:

Is that a green pencil over 6th Street, or are you just happy to C Mí?

TimeStamp: 01h42 CET (Breaking Flashback)

An exclusive favor from a former supervisor of the Ari Melber Show confirmed that our intrepid guard-post, —Teeny Tiny Cat— at the Luis Posada Carriles watch was not in vain, as we [on 3rd rock] now know, that the former Attorney General for Nicolle Wallace’s former boss, was in fact a cock-sucker; but not a deep-throater like fhe current Attorney General to Sean Hannity’s current boss at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in WaWa land.

Meanwhile at The Chris Matthews Show, former Miss•Our•Eye Senator, Clair McCass, stole Michael Moore’s spectacles. Oh, The Humanity, but lucky for the Cuban medical tourist, the film maker is on Bernie Sanders health care plan and a brand spanking new set of Spectacles were delivered to the Mitt Romney paisano, plus the fat fucker is rich, so there’s that.

NougXT's Cat

NougXT‘s Cat… no free college for you. Join the Army, ya’bum and earn a G.I. Bill, or better–Steel, National Community Service for “peace mongers”.

Still to come, Senator Kasie Kloubuchar denounces her “buddy” McCass spectacles grab on the Chris Matthews Medical Archives Show.

TimeStamp: 03h50’ish in CET
Breaking the Maddows:
at 16h CET, Rachel is going to do a Stationary Lance Armstrong with headphones as an “illegal substance” during her work-out hour, watch for scribbling doodles and other assorted talking points.

TimeStamp: 05h10… BriWi gets all the broads.