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Hey Big Kat, “Forget and Regret,” eh… i never thought that i’d be QUOTING Rob Schnider with regards to Alec Baldwin playing the roll of Brian Sullivanplaying the roll of Donald Trump, but the fucking carrot [Schnider in South Park, episode follows] does have a point; much LIKE MORENA-Francia from 2011 to 2015, Baldwin is preaching to the choir.

Dear, Richard Haass, please don’t “Wet the Korean Mink Blanket”… and Cousin Joe, i’ve heard Brian Sullivan ring a bell, and you Cousin Joe are no Brian Sullivan.

Hola WAPO… coming up, i’ll give you some of the Context that every news outlet seems to leave out out of the news content coming out of Tonalá… “Abre más los ojos”, pinche WaPo y BBC.

PERSONA NON GRATA – Persona Non Gratis
via: Pumpkin & Vin S da Cuero

Dear, WaPo, BBC, AP, AFP, et. al. — the following is a free form translation of “To whom does success belongs EN MÉXICO?” and it must be read with a Bugs Bunny Brooklyn wise ass accent, eh!… wait for, Wait! •—_¡_—• Mexico is saturated with lazy people (what follows is a walkabout messagerie from the offended) for such reason the [extended] invitation to fall-in with the ranks of the [glamorous] à chez le narco is rather, attractive: 3000 pesos per week for putting human bodies in acid quid–pro–quo a couple of invested hours is nothing to sneer at. THAT AMOUNT is only earned by an engineer however, days, months, years are required to become an engineer; nevertheless, “the woirst” is that even in this economic system and the root cause [corruption] at the current levels, it does not guarantee that you are going to get out of poverty, sadly going to school is not producing wealth. This is why the job market is attractively sickening… 

De todas formas y maneras, doña Tati, el segundo barrio de Ramónel segundo párrafo de “La Nota Nostra” de Ramón ya no lo traduzco porque en las siguientes entradas me va servir para sacarle por la tangente el gregarismo con el que los “buenos” de la grilla mexicana en París recibieron a quien tal vez pudo haber sido en el 2011 y 2012 (Morena), su seguro servidor, desgraciadamente por aquellos días, luminarias como don Jorge Saldaña, o el mismísimo Jacques Bellefroid afirmaban o insinuaban de que nada bueno podría salir de los Estados Unidos Americanos, y menos si eran hijos o hijas de padres o madres mexicanas, eso, doña Tatiana es verdad. Tengo los moretones en el alma, [cicatrizados] de por las pedradas y los escupitajos morales que recibí de los y las borreguitas de don Sergio Ávalos y su Frente Amplio de académicos, o algo así… ya ni digo nada de “los ciudadanos” de don Pablo Gleason, ¿a poco no, BRONTIS, en la prefectura?.

TimeStamp: 16 hundred hours and some change right before las 17 horas en la nostalgia del Alternativo, con Jorge Saldaña en Europa Central.

EVITA CRÍTICAR SOLO, y más cuando lo haces ante asociaciones de mexicanos en el extranjero, especialmente en París, ya que existen jerarquías muy arraigadas y todo planteamiento, innovación, o simple sugerencia tiene que pasar por el consejo de evaluación administrado por “Anosgarmina Pelos Quietos*” del CoNaCyT… una escritora bien chingona, en toda la extensión de la palabra. }—~~~\*> Uso Justo de todas las resistencias, propagandas y las notas nostras, eh.

*  http://arrobajuarez.com/notas.php?IDNOTA=50829&IDSECCION=La%20Nota%20Nostra&IDREPORTERO=Ram%F3n%20Quintana%20Woodstock

TimeStamp: On the Beach, ya’bum!… we [the staff] only wish! Instead it’s 18 hundred hours in Central Europe Time.

… O.K., pero cuál pinche Cuero es Pumpkin, eh?

Dear, SPC. Che… meet “La Gotera”

142 Rue Montmartre; 75002 —_—Captura de cotidiano “L’Aurore” en el año 2017, por armando segovia… CopyLeft.

Good Day, it’s Sunday, September the 3rd of 2017.

La Gotera del Gama… fragmento. Context follows… but a for warm-up, Michael Che, know that Enrique’s french trained gendarmes are Donald Trump’s first line of defense in his Stupid “border wall”
his entire schtick is, as someone from The Who once wrote: just a put on. Come November, check to see if Cementos Chihuahua, CEMEX, or even Cementos Cruz Azul, along with Mexican ’empresarios’ are not going to be among the ‘investors’ and ‘stake holders’ of the companies involved in the drafting of that Stupid Wall.

Today is the last day to profit from the Parisian Beaches and the first to examine Anne Sinclair’s current events observations on a not-so-funny Sunday (only) newspaper… Yo’, Che! i’ll see you downtown, where every basket is worth 3-points… ↓↓↓

Context continues to develop… Fair use of media. Link to segment follows.

Nice “granny shot,” Che, but please relay to your script writers to please stop condescending your wingman’s observations of Donald Trump’s racially bias undertones… the entire world knows that Brotha Keenan is SNL’s resident “I’ve seen the whole thing, indigent witness”.

Go ahead: AMA… Iniciales en Inglés que sirven para abreviaar cualquier pregunta que te de la gana, en preguntaar. –_- Uso justo de SNL

… i mean, it’s a nice “shout-out” for México and all, but on behalf of all Mexicans living along the border with the U.S., and because of the way that you underhanded the shout-out on your “Arizona Rally” news bit, we [the staff] can’t help but notice that you do “Mexican Shout-Outs,” in the same style that the “grandmother” of Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto, shoots hoops…

image capture follows…

Say, Che, i don’t know if your script writers noticed, but at Dodger Stadium, that last “shout-out” that you sent to Enrique Peña Nieto (mind you) on the eve of his yearly job report, would be called a Fucking Softball… For more on that, meet me [armando segovia] at:

La Gotera del Gama… and, KORIMA my BroTha—KORIMA.