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Cher: Jean-Christophe Buisson
Le Figaro Magazine

Moi, moche et méchant… now showing at a flooded theater near YOU, in Paris, Texas.

A 10-pound story on a “LesDespicable Me Happy Meal box ™ . Courtesy of Matt Dempsey, investigative team data reporter at The Houston Chronicle; via TRMS* follows.

* The Rachel Maddow Show

As heard on a board meeting of the Arkema headquarters in Toulouse, France…

Rachel has the night off. Joy-Ann Reid had to be called in from her vacation after the prime-time host (Maddow) got sick from the noxious fumes that she inhaled a little after she reported on the ARKEMA’s imminent “boom,” which eventually arrived in the middle of the ‘wee hours’ of Thursday morning, launching (by the way) a big cloud of ‘black smoke’ (toxicity still unknown) into the Big Texas Sky… And yes, Ms. Caldwell, please tell our friend Gustavo that the nauseating effects of the rules that govern the environmental laws in Tejas made it all the way to Manhattan. —_— Editors: Please be advised that this is a time delayed screen-grab; TimeStamp is 0400 hrs, in CET. —_~ Uso justo de todos los medios.

French entrepreneur
(Must be read with a French snooty waiter tone of voice, and delivered with an entitled Le Figaro associate editor’s attitude)

— So, councilman you are telling us that the State of TEXAS has absolutely NO FIRE CODES?

A fox with a double “n”, his prenom is plain Ol’Dick… in Espagnol —dicen los franceses— Foxes have a double “r”. Mr. Rennard in this screen-grab seems to want to play the double entendre of “you say [tom-ey-tow] I say [tom-ah-tow] with the toxicity level of them noxious fumes.

Texas chemical industry lobbyist
(Must be read with a standard U.S. American English, and the demeanor of a Sciences Po graduate)

— Yes, of course. Our long list of toadies, and sycophant Governors are at your service; our Great Lone Star State wont even ask you to install fire and/or smoke alarms at your highly volatile and spontaneous combustion high-risk chemicals plants.

Sans Cométaire =_= Fair use of media…

Why—we don’t even bother with pesky ZONING LAWS, and just recently –our handicapable- Governor, Greg Abbott, abolished the MANDATORY RELEASE FORMS for chemicals at industrial warehouses and all factory grounds.

… how do you say “tap dancing the issue to the tune of Ray Charles in French?

French entrepreneur
Wonderful, you are even better than your neighbour South of The Border in Aguascalientes, Mexico.

Will we have to put up a film festival for the community? Perhaps a cultural exchange program with the sons and daughters of your ruling class? You know, for good will and for the Glory of France, and of course let’s not forget, for The Great State of Texas too.

Texas chemical industry lobbyist
That wont be necessary —Sir. Our constituents are more into RODEO CLOWNS, and bucking steers; we would however, (would most definitely) enjoy a complementary Crazy Horse backstage pass…

We hear that one can find some pretty good future trophy wives there.

funny thing is, that in Paris (75000) the people who live around the vicinity of a McDonald’s are reassured via a company statement that reads that a McDo employee will police the area for any Ronald the clown themed trash, while in Crosby Texas (and in El Paso) neighbors that live next to a toxic chemical plant, voluntarily drive around those factory compounds asking the corporations, “what they would like’em to say or do”, this is no exaggeration or hyperbole; them quoted words are from MATT DEMPSEY, the Houston Chronicle journalist who has been covering this “booming” story.

French entrepreneur
Ah, yes… The Crazy Horse, The Lido, The Moulin  Rouge… not a problem.

We’ll even throw in a complementary MidNite Ride thru the Bois de Bologne.

Have you heard of the strip at Longchamps? Jejeje, that was a favorite spot for our man at the International Monetary Fund, D.S.K., before his incident at the Sofitel in Manhattan. A real shame, his debacle is setting us back five years.

He (DSK) was set to be the next president of the Republic.

Last edit on this posting: 0600 hrs, CET on Friday, September 1st of 2017. Today marks the 1000-year rain in Texas. Saint Stevie Ray, already told you in a song about the way it pours…. Dear Alicia, sorry for all the typos, we [the staff] are rush-delivering this copy using an old an decrepit i-phone, and profiting from a McDonald’s WiFi signal…thank you Ronald, see you in a few.

… To be continued.

Vive Le Maddow… and The Houston Chronicle and its Investigative Data staff… Uso Justo de Todos los Medios, SAM… Play it again Rachel.

TimeStamp: Friday, August 31st, 2017, @ 1200 hrs., CET.

—- back to you Cousin Joe—-


Dear, Cousin Joe, we [the staff] wish to submit an Army Commendation Medal in your honor for your set-up yesterday regarding the whole “Texas Zoning Laws” issue in the great state of tejas… and as a matter of fact, and given what you told ‘Little Joey’ about your high regards for the Associated Press (AP) on yesterday’s edition —of your August 30— show, let me first tell you, that intrepid AP reporter, Alicia Caldwell, she wont let me lie or exaggerate about the following. Back in 2005, we [the Staff at El Conquistador*] had an issue with Phelps Dodge (a copper industry giant) who at the time was polluting the soil and water in that West Texas Town of El Chuco**, however we [the staff] ran into stonewall after stonewall at all kinds of levels, por ejemplo: with the local Environmental Protection Agency, with the Press, with Mr. Alejandro Lozano (the District Representative, at the time) and sadly, with the local neighbors of the Phelps Dodge Plant (79915) who wanted nothing to do with having their relatives or business interests (small enterprises)  harmed with “bad press”… Anygüey Cousin Joe, it’s funny how you reminisced about ‘Little Joey’ sending you “fake news” about that thug with a SHERIFF’s uniform in Arizona: Pepe Arpaio; because YOU, Cousin Joe, need to tell those pretty-pink, clean as a baby’s behind cheeks commentators that they Do Not—we repeat—DO NOT need to make up, exaggerate, or engage in “run of the mill” fake anecdotes about the Great Performer, and signature-voice of Metal: Ozzy Osbourne. Please, Cousin Joe, don’t encourage your newbies to use hyperbole to get a few cheap laughs about the things that their silver-spoon at The Hampton’s upbringing clearly kept them from connecting to: Rock-and-Roll, baby— rock— and —fucking roll.

… “Still ahead”:

Hey Big Kat…context follows 

Live from the Sam Donaldson Center…

It’s Performance Argument
for Lomas de Poleo.
Musical Guest: The Violent Femmes

[Nota en proceso, context follows]. | Uso justo de todos los medios.

[Nota en proceso, context follows]. | Uso justo de todos los medios.

Good Morning.
Today is Wednesday 16th, 2016.
Ciudad Juárez —and Chihuahua— have a new set of politicos in charge. At the Border-Plex level a communicator became City Mayor. Over at the State capital, [en Chihuagüita], a party-shifter_behind-the-scenes académico has the ear of the Mexican Right… In Paris, he has the solidarity of the populist left—go figure.

The Big SURPRISE on this end, is a positive one. El nuevo alcalde de Ciudad Juárez, [al parecer] inicia sus actividades en Aguascalientes, es decir, el Licenciado Armando Cabada busca alternativas y diálogos al Sur del Bravo, y pues eso parece que pinta bien. Aguascalientes al parecer, es el único de los Estados donde imperó el PRI, y pues parece que en el esquema general de la rendición de cuentas, hasta el día de hoy, no se sabe de ningún robo del erario, o robo de los presupuestos, o malversación de prestaciones, o de otras muchas cosas que le pertenecen a la población y no a los integrantes de algún* partido político.

* el que sea
PRI, PAN [PRI-AN], PRD, MoReNa, Alianza [la que sea],
etc., etc., etc…

La gotas de una fuente fronteriza: 

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3. Quintana-Silveyra, V.M., en “Palabra Mayor”; Vía: http: //arrobajuarez .com /notas.php?IDNOTA =45315&IDSECCION =Palabra%20Mayor&IDREPORTERO =V%EDctor%20M.%20 Quintana%20 Silveyra

4. XHIJ-TV Canal 44. Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, México.