And in México… words, don’t come [easy] BIENVENIDA KABALA

OK… stop the pressess-es!!!

🎶Cucarachas enojadas… fumando marihuana—hilarity ensues when Sax plays KUMBALA en El Bar “La Chicharra”.

The Answer, Vice-President Harris, is always HOUSES OF THE HOLY, and if challenged with La Ave Revolución (Entry Artery into Tijuana, not the bird lover) the answer is “Well Eye Never’d Been To SPAIN, but I kinda like the music ”, a Lennon/ McCartney reference interpreted by non other than THREE doG Knight and The MOTHafaKING Peeps, Dionne.

… [A]nd MARCUS MILLER, you Son-of-Bitch, knock-knock motherfucker 🎺 I need tickets to Juan… or Eye is going to slap the illegitimate Son of Vicentico, the one-and-only, LUQ Fregón.


The next Vice-President needs to be vetted for the Donkey Show!!! And Manu Chau goes here¹. And, pundit, this is Why You Need Me On That Wall, fuck the quotes.

And Ari Melver… that’s why they call it “la Mañanera”… because the only Way that “el güey de Chapultepec” can get away with the shit he says is because when André says it, IT’s Way Too Early—don’t be late, you might miss the latte ☕️.


¹.)_ Bienvenida Tijuana. Note to non-readers just joining U.S., if you see a single letter “en negritas” it is because Loss of Signal showed up as the edit was in-progress.