Más claro q’el WaWa, pos no’mas el chocolate

Dear, Mika Brzezinski… you too, Darling, are n° Three, chew on D.A.T. banana for a while, eh, and while Cousin Joe is spreading my sueños líquidos (MANA) on that Toasted Wonder Slice… [P]£€A$€ remind Mr. Williamson at The National Review that HE MUST SHOW HIS WORK with every opinion piece.

Here is mine: a fucking Clown in París, in front of The Hilton at République —no less— told me about your Ken Burns neighborhood on the MSNBC’s… yeah, Buddy!

Y por si sobrara más, Mr. Williamson, i did showed you this here array of these events ⛺️⛺️🔥⛺️, and this 🌋 but this 🐐 has nothing to do with the “Laberinto de La Soledad” … for the Rand Paul chambers of commerce around the world, look it up, just change Neruda for Paz.

Thank you for smoking…

https ://www .newsweek .com /rand-paul-joe-biden-liars-racists-fox-news -1563331

Issy, doña Fuentes, cheque el record, su tocayo de apellidos, “sueños blancos” y, novelas para a’franceSados, el Embajador Carlos Fuentes, lo dijo mejor antes de que patas de catre se me atravesara… la entrevista está en Milenio Televisión (2012)… “si yo les digo quién es, se lo comen vivo”, o algo así; Carlos Marín tiene esa información. Y con eso en MENTE:

ay’Ta = There it is.

A Quick Programming Note:
Deer, 105.1 FM please relay to 105.5 that they too might kind of want to guess that this post is about #EM, but Luc Fregón… explain to your fellow Info Frogs that this entire rodeo around the Perimeter of BFM’er TV is all about the Pussy… cat named Teeny Tiny Cat, and here is why Cabrón*:

You might recall that we hold a grave contempt for the State (not the people) of Texas, right? —C’mon, don’t roll your fucking i’s at Me. Does the name Alberto Gonzalez and “Bambi” ring a fuck’EN bell in that “big fireWall” of yours at Mediapart? Because if it doesn’t, then allow me to refresh your settings to like way back around the last week of November of 2020, —of like the Trump era… ¡porque ya no es!— anyhow, Nicole Wallace could like might maybe sort of tell you all about it on Deadline but, wait for it, wait, —Ah!!! Fuck It! Nicole is going to be talking about Donald Trump.

So Mr. Laske at Mediapart, consider this Jaripeo part of the package that your firewall requested from me. This particular part is going to inform you about all of my Pryors, y también my WO’ik history.

And, Luc… “Fuck You Too!” 😎 you sexy motherfucker.

It would be funny if it was an AnAgRaMa rha-ma rhama BoBa’Nha: Ana… but it’s not one of those, this here is straight up Diplomacy a la francesa:

Coming up, Intermedio en una Charreada: — Me acordé de olvidarte. Right now in Washington, D.C., La Pundita just turned Japanese, and She–Don’t—Care, Cousin Joe. She don’t Care… pi-pi- and pi-pi Yeah.