Page 8; September 8 — Año cero

Issy… Ewe brings the Woodpecker and Eye will bring The Would, Alicia Menéndez.

Oh, hey 🇺🇸 Negrita, Eye sees that your producers have FINally discovered the 🇧🇷 Bossa Nova and the playbook of Donald John Trump in BRAZIL… 🎶 Choo–Shuu 🚂 but have you HO’id the latest out of Palacio Nacional-dot–🇲🇽 ?

The Nuremberg Trials¹ (slight return in Paris via IsIs) just in time for TEXAS to act like the Very French neighbors of the occupation à La Villettewhy do you think that The Architect designed that music hall to look like the Helmet of Rick Moranis on Space Balls?

¹;) https ://www.payot-rivages .fr /payot /livre /nuremberg-la-bataille-des-images -9782228928045

Enter through the Candy Shop.

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FO’the record, Cousin Joe, please refer back to the Mexican re-hash of Luis Buñel’s “Los Olvidados” at el cinito mexicano de Porte des Lilas … et Cinéma Christine ⇒ keyword for the Library search, AP LeMire is:

Viva Villa, —palomas.

Over at the nomination process, Small Time Shit reminds the Big KaKa at Issy-les-Moulineaux that:

In current times it could be read in the voice of any Republican Party politician like say, Ted Cruz, or the former VIP, a Mr. Pence, —yo pienso.
“No sé qué hacer. No lo sé.
Si voto contra la línea del partido ya puedo despedirme de la política, y si no lo hago me quedo sin partidarios de mi línea.
… ¡porque las cosas [CLAIRE] no son tan claras!
Lo cierto es que no sé que hacer.
Porque también hay la posibilidad de VOTAR EN CONTRA, la cosa de vuelta, otros me sigan Y PASE DE TRAIDOR A héroe.”

Öüï continue to truck our nomination of El Primer Torero Porno into the Unesco Heritage List under the sub-section of cybernetic artifacts.

And, Willie Geist, if Blazing Saddles is the benchmark settings for a by-gone pioneering era, then El Primer Torero Porno was the visionary Hidalgo that brought you WOULD, Alicia Menendez; as in, what WOULD happen to the World as Öüï knows it if the “electro magnetic ink” sold to businessmen actually delivered GEORGIA to Donald Trump.


to exhibit an important interchange of human values, over a span of time or within a cultural area of the world, on developments in architecture or technology, monumental arts, town-planning or landscape design;


En los tiempos del General Arrollo the place was called, Fort BLISS (punto y coma) and, PAUL McCartney is Knot going to believe this, just up the entrance to Ft. Bliss on Loop 375 you can find the place where The Sergeant Major got HIS WINGS, his wings Faul, —his Wings… and because it is Texas, there is no “suffragette” Mr. Walrus.

After the break, if the system lets us, FRIDA HAYEK jumps* on the Street Vagrant bandwagon, this time around the Tijuana outlet Amazon turns Serendipity into “Chavelita Cybernetics”… nothing is real—And nothing TO get Hung (on a window, or a show) about, —when nothing is Something.


*._ And Eye quotes, “we are sorry, we are experiencing technical difficulties », unquote.