Deer, Ari Melver… stop putting the Bald man Down! (motherfucker)

In•Deed, Ari Melber, indeed. You think öüï don’t know why you picked this clip… you cotton picker you! And mannnnnn! That Louis fellow is a quick one, for a minute D.A.R.E., Ari Melver, Eye thought that Mr. Gossett’s sweatshirt was spelling “gracias”, but oh, my sunflower garden! That’s the problem with dyslexia.

… and since öüï were attacked by the go-to-sleep monster just as Avi Velshi finished the week for Kent Clarkson (aka TRMS at night and Cousin Joe on the a.m. time dial) that is all that we [the staff] are going to say as the msnbc’s do Cop’s for suburbanites, —on DateLine.

“Crack of My Ass*”, it’s the End of August in Hilo, Hawaii as the 11th hour croaks (in Paris) with John The Conqueror’s Roots, yeah buddy!

Deer, Texas District Atty.

Deer, Texas District Atty., the time-stamped registered letter to your minions in SanAnto is being held up, by EXECUTIVE orders, in the New York City International Postal Depot. The letter was sent on the 4th of July, and we reckon that the pony express is going to take another month to deliver the letter to Texas, considering that it is, Sir, the height of Tornado season .:. 54DA178A-86BF-4038-94CF-D7E9F77AF481 🌪🌪🌪 Hey baby qué paso!