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Dear, Nicolle Wallace:

Gustavo Martínez me la pela

Gustavo Martínez me la pela Surveying Services .::. 337DD2B5-B966-4DEE-9573-2D45AA9681CE 🧶

You, Madame,
will want to turn the Volume Up on this…
them bee the Ruhles.

What Eye means to say, is that there was a time that long walks between 3 and 5 o’Clock in the morning were a way to cope with the daily Parisian bullshit that a stranger to this land of monuments often (not all) gets to experience. Empty Lutetien  fucking streets, that is definitely the most beautiful thing in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD, except for empty streets in Prague, maybe.


The current pandemic is a sort of bonanza for shutterbugs who wish to capture that empty “feeling” of a city perceived by tourists as “full of life*”, be it Rome, or New York City… never El Ey, it’s full of Mexicans and nothing, —nothing— keeps us contained as this old convalescent ‘dame’ claims D.A.T. we do just because she broke a fucking leg:

* It is not as if these fuckers called “Parisians” or “Romans”, or “new yorkers”, would not be dying for the month of August to arrive so that they (the beautiful ones) can set sail to exotic lands… or something like that.

Ahora bien, doña Vilma, lo bueno de este tan intrascendente blog es de que Gustavo Martínez no lo visita, ¡y qué bueno¡ porque estos no son tiempos de andar de socialitos ni de parrandas colectivas… pero lo que si está patas pa’rriba ahorita en París y los ciudadanos ahora saben hasta cierto punto lo que se siente andar por las calles “sin papeles” de circulación.

Aún con eso, las bici’s no mienten y al filo de las 19h45 (in local news) Eugène Viollet–Le-Duc* no me puede dejar mentir, más de mil almas circularon por la Rue de Rivoli entre el Ayuntamiento principal (de 20 en la ciudad) y la gran tienda que se llama BHV.

Cuentos Chinos

Cuentos Chinos and a HILL .::. A6870B21-C7A0-46DA-9AEF-A84CC578F22A 📈📉📊🧮📶🔊

* https ://fr .m .wikipedia .org /wiki /Liste_des_statues_des_façades_de_l%27hôtel_de_ville_de_Paris

En fin doña Vilma,

… “Soy un Perro, negro y callejero”, y en los cinco minutos que he tenido la oportunidad de Vivir en París, jamás había visto a los parisinos y parisinas como las estatuas del Hôtel de Ville en sus ventanas y como pajaritos en sus balcones, con excepción de los ciclistas, por supuesto.


“Turn It Up”…

Dear, Leader: the Secret Service hotel tab covers your salary

The Day after “the” Sunday pep–rally.

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead .::. FDCEAD4E-B4F9-4C71-8ACD-C65E6912CB34 🧟‍♂️ Life in the “checkmate” State.

Aussi, mr. president, the USAF re-routed trips to your golf courses and bed-bug infested hotels put a pretty penny in the dollar count of your undeclared income; not to mention, siR; Ivanka’s secured trademark deals with SHYNA, —with SHYNA— mr. president. And, your excellency, let’s just forget about the donors to your political freak–show in exchange for a position in your FOREIGN Services Corps and/or cabinet posts. In Conclusion mr. Donnie McScroge, you are a fiscal whinny bitch. And congratulations on the Llama extraction from Lima, Peru, however, mr. commander–in–chill,

https ://en .wikipedia .org/wiki/ Otto_Warmbier

why did you wait so long to extract D.A.T. North Korean hostage (Otto Frederick Warmbier) who died in a vegetative medical state soon after his release in 2017?

In addition, dear, Leader, why are you still in office, please, please, please, PLEASE! Work out an immunity deal for all of the negligent and criminal trespasses that you have committed while in office for you and the vice-president, Mike Pence and, motherfucker, RESIGN.

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La “hache” es muda…
except of course,
Hombre sin hache es una sombra

Hombre sin hache, —en Francés— es Solo una sombra .::. CE8A5062-CAA9-417E-9191-789D50A37730 ☕️ La hache en Inglés (del bueno) se pronuncia a todo Volumen, just ask any “Ho” on the streets. 

en Anglais del bueno.