Act VI : AMER³ican Dictionary Mí


And Marouane, [not] that one, please relay to ADF James that in Hilo, Hawaii, las venas de América are nothing more than them tectonic pilates, any how, it’s Primetime in Hilo Hawaii, en París it is just another Saturday without the garbage trucks in sight, looks like someone or something lost their point of REFERENCE, Oscar is going to get dickish about, IT!, you know, —why do you think, that the frog and her pig call Oscar, the grouch?

Previously on, Pedro Navajas filerió⁶ al Padre Raúl y el monaguillo Andrés don’t care.

Page 15… La Baliza³ de les BALISES de la edición número 10 del pasquín de la Bpi (Beaubourg) | Printemps -Été 2023.

Page 48… Cartes et propagande, XIXe siècle: La lumière vient de l’ouest.

“Mexico”, said Father James, “for example is in North America”, and that’s when little ol’ me, had to pull out my Roberto Clemente bat, and begin, like that liberal Blades did, —la segunda del noveno.

 The pitch was sent, and dang’on–it, i had no other option than to remind brother Jaime that in another inning, Tegucigalpa was part of the (very brief) Mexican Umpire of Agustín de Iturbide “el pirulí”.

Foul ball to outer reaches of left-field. The Count was now at 1 strike, out of three, if you are fond of the games paraphernalia but have no fucking idea how to follow the play, like the late Queen Elisabeth II at Baltimore’s Wire Stadium did during the second Bush Umpire.

“Ah, you see, now he’s getting political, I’m being geographical, and that’s where Mexico is,” noted the pitcher to his Dario Moreno Dance squad, and who wasted no time in sabotaging the home plate (batting area) by pulling me into the dance mix, because the fémina part of that duo was already dancing, so i did the only thing that i could do, which of course was to turn a MERENGUE into a polka. ¡SIBIRIpiQUIPAU

⁶~. … or something like that, according to la RAE: https ://www .rae .es /tdhle /alfilerear

Me and fip dot fr vS. La Labia de Juanito Guanabacoa

… you running fags!

3 Cr. Hrs. Course.


No es por nada SuperBoyFly, ¿pero cuál pinche República española, que no es un pinche Reino⁰?

⁰~. Escúchalo a través de los archivos de rfpp . net, under the rubric, “Aquí Somos, aquí estamos” for the edition of Sunday, March the 5th of the running year en curso.

Hoy no hubo SoFy Velasco, puro pinche playback, a fria-Cold ass playback, así como En Siempre en Domingo: EN PISTES.

Fronteras Goes Here, ¡SIBIRIpiQUIPAU!


Entonces vamos pues a coger intermedios pero mientras eso se somnífica y el club de Susana PubEda se despierta…


Rue Nic Appert, 11e… Somewhere In Mexico.

…  On a They like today Daft Punk, you know. They dropped the French toast! Anyhow that’s the band that was coming out of a pair of speakers that i could not see, and with D.A.T. in mind let’s switch, IT!, over to Radio 📻 Ranchito for the closing of the Bulls at La bendita Porte de Versailles. Mooo 🐄 🍼

“Porque como el viejo decía… », tanto peca el que tortura a las vacas, como quienes le agarran las patas.


³~. Chicos de Barrio.