Last Week Today… “indeed you can,” Sarah, ¡a güevo que sí!

“Sí se puede”… just ask Sugar man, tell him that “The Chief Commander” said it was fine; si te chamaqueán, diles que Chinguen a Su Madre, y que Bobby Zimmerman is his Number One Client… or something like that.

TimeStamp: 20 pasando el medio día
en Tiempos de La Europa Central.

¡Aguas!!! Fish fuck in it… from the collection, The Street is My Gallery. Right now  “al instante” en fip Central Station it’s “me love Ewe long–time”. 15h15 at Siren Central.

Later at the top of the hour on C-SPAN 3

It’s Misread Quotes from the very Soul, of América, with Jon Meacham.

Season 1, Pilot episode (an Introduction).

— Notes:
Third paragraph, pg. 13, on the occasion of presidential indifference and presidential obtuseness in virulent times.

— Jon Meacham
No, Woodrow Wilson did not foresee the future, and no, the 28th President of the U.S. of A. did not observe, we repeat [did not observe] that “the president is « an affront to our government, where our own thoughts and THE ATTENTION of men everywhere is centered upon him.”

… that misquote sure does have a nice ring to the chapter that we are living in right now, under the leadership (for lack of a better word) of PUTUS 45  potus 45.

TimeStamp: JazzTime, with a minute delay… oh, but yes, the guardian en la jornada is here.

La otra cara del “Sí Se Puede”, con Soledad Loaeza y los hilos de Sasha.

Now, Sarah, please don’t let us [the staff] be misunderstood, give us five para quemarle las patas a Judas, y te metemos el contexto, ¿vale?… a güevo que vale. The staff just paid the yearly subscription for this most inconsequential blog, and the good thing about it is, that neither Jon Meacham, y menos doña Chole lo van a leer.

TimeStamp: Dippermouth Blues time, Dolly.

Master Blaster — The ultimate Animals… “Please don’t let me be misunderstood”

ISSY, entre bastidores, Ayotzinapa Para Espontaneos is revving up in the back-burner… wait for it, Wait.

Monsters Inc., and of course, doña Tati, CONTEXT FOLLOWS. By-the-Güey, Lencha Cazaz sends Doña Olga, her regards…
México, el pais del perdón, pero para los poderosos, porque si tú eres un pinche piojo, tu tiempo en la cárcel es DINERO para el gobierno. VIVA MÉXICO, y chingue a su madre la “maestra” Elba Ester Gordillo y toda su puta ralea familiar con puestos en el gobierno.

In the Mean Time — Howl and do the Do!
here’s another edition of:
the most unfortunate of coincidences,
o COMO dicen Las Víctimas del Dr. NOMENKLATURA
en Zacatecas:

pay no attention to the fact that one of the most corrupt
individuals in Modern México
received her “GET OUT OF HOUSE ARREST JAIL Card…”
on the same motherfucking day
was validated by the Electoral Tribunal
as the winner of the Mexican Presidential Race.

Please don’t adjust your settings,
and pay no attention to that “most unfortunate coincidence”
o como dicen los zacatecanos
esto es una
“Mala Coincidencia”.

TimeStamp: 19 hundred hours and 34 minutes en el reloj de Los Amigos de México en Francia.

Karime’s Vibe: porque ELLA TAMBIÉN “¡SE LO MERECE!” •_!_•  Tú también, inscríbete en el CULTO VERACRUZANO de Karime Macías (de Duarte)… porque tú también te lo mereces.