20h00 CET Brasil vS Serbia

A los octavos…

minuto 36’
Brasil 1 — Serbia 0

minuto 45’
Brasil 1 — Serbia 0

Mapachin 1º

minuto 50’
Brasil 1 — Serbia 0


Ivanka Trump won trademarks the same day her dad lifted sanctions on Chinese company

minuto 68’
Brasil 2 — Serbia 0

and she (Ivanka) didn’t have to get out of her lair:

The princess’ files

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Brasil 2 — Serbia 0

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Brasil 2 — Serbia 0



Dear, Ivanka Trump: in all seriousness —pretty please!

Where are you on this issue? Why are you so quiet on this “New Formula” from THE WHITE HOUSE on separating children from their parents? Was it not you, princess, who took charge over family issues and motherhood? At least, that is what Mika at Studio 3A at Rockefelon Plaza claimed on streaming T.V., anygüey.

By The Güey, princess— we [the staff] sincerely hope that your precious little bundles of joy gave your “expendable” husband a most memorable Father’s Day. }-—-~~~\*> Happy together—Unhappy together.

TimeStamp: 12h43 in Central Europe Time.

¡Si se puede, Princess—Yes, your big fat lying father can end that cruel and unusual punishment of separating asylum seeking families for the sole purpose of POLITICAL GAIN! Si se puede, Ivanka—Yes you can… make it happen.

Corazón de vidrio…

TimeStamp: Río Collective, with Barbara Monica María Alejandra, quien tuvo la fortuna de haber nacido en Trump Tower y nunca en su puta vida se hizo ni un puto té… featuring Blondie at 14h35 in Siren Central Time.

Mo_news from nowhere at 15hours in CET

11 de octubre (Reloaded*)

* Ladies in Gemini, please be advised that this entry was re-purposed from The Sombreo Galaxy, in order to fit it’s complementing future piece that would slowly–but–surely arrive on July 16, 2020, from The Frijoles Universe in the Donald John Trump Galaxy, more Intel can be gathered from The Aldous Huxley European Research Institute (in Paris, France… of course).

https ://asegovia3 .com/2020/07/16/great-moments-in-eye-was-shocked-that-would-happen/


The cake is a lie
Fuente: http://layer-cake.eu/
Fuente: http://www.layer-cake.com/produits/serious-games?competence_seriousgames=Presentation

Serious Games / Juegos Concienzudos

Dicen los gringos que todo es un juego… hasta que alguien sale perdiendo un ojo. O sus papeles de inmigración. El affiche de arriba “The Cake is a Lie”, es una parodia. NO Se debe de tomar en serio, y cualquier parecido con la realidad, es mera coincidencia…