Opposing Viewpoints — La Moto de Bernardo Gómez


Pages 176 and 178 appear to have a conflict of FAITH… tout le THON is gone Ton-Ton!



Mac The Knife: “Parents need to police their children, the lycée is not in place to… never mind ». For this year’s French National Holiday military paredes, the Indians will be paying tribute to the 49.3 law by showcasing all 64 fuck positions of The Kamasutra on the Stretch-marks of les Champs Elysées. La Gentric will lead with the ceremonial first BLOW at the Tomb of The Unknown Soldier with the music of The Doors… C’mon Baby Light My Fire.



Yup… Seen That Movie, Aussie.


… and

Fo’ :

LAnCasTer, Califas.