The following must be read in a Rachel Maddow voice…

Buenos Días, today is the 4th of July
and the following is a PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT
We begin by reminding YOU ALL, That the good thing about this blog:

“… por estas razones, la comunidad de Wikipedia en español ha decidido oscurecer todas las páginas de la enciclopedia antes y durante la votación del texto, esto es, hasta las 10 h (UTC) del 5 de julio. Queremos seguir ofreciendo una obra abierta, libre, colaborativa y gratuita con contenido verificable. Llamamos a todos los miembros del Parlamento Europeo a votar en contra del texto actual, a abrirlo a discusión y a considerar las numerosas propuestas del movimiento Wikimedia para proteger el acceso al conocimiento; entre ellas, la eliminación de los artículos 11 y 13, la extensión de la libertad de panorama a toda la UE y la preservación del dominio público.” — Source below this frame.

The good thing about this most inconsequential blog:
is that in France there is no such thing as a
National Public Radio
IN POLAND, however,
it seems that National Socialists
and their National Public Radio
are making a comback.
Poland is so Easy to be overrun by the Nazi…
Please keep your Squelch–on.

TimeStamp: 11 hundred hours in Central NATO Time… Donald Trump is a Danger to the Integrety of the United States of America. He is the TRAITOR–IN–CHIEF and a disgrace to the OVAL OFFICE.

Armando Segovia

45 stories… Andrew Jackson (N° 7) comes to mind when paralleling the current president of the United States, in cruelness, shrewdness, and of course —bigotry. Except of course N° 45 is also a criminal suspect, and a proven  CON man, his latest con was duping Stupid Americans… Happy barbecue day..

“Robocopyrighting” with the Big Kat and her BBC

“Can I get a witness!”… before “they” start charging for Breaking the News.

Breaking the EuroNews… this is a time-delayed entrance… context follows.

… next thing Ewe know, they’ll take my Meme’s away!

People will believe me more if Ewe call me doctor.

ISSY, corazón, en la cueva de Las Sirenas, la “Comadre Lety” y “un tal” de La Fuente on the programming controls at fip punto fr no nos pueden dejar mentir sobre las propiedades de la propaganda, concepto que Las Sirenas suguieren que descubras por conducto de “arte” tv este jueves.

The thing —cheeky bum’s— is that informed listeners like the ones that listen to the Siren’s wails should already know who the father of crowd manipulation and propaganda is, this suggested programming that the Den is pitchig out into the airwaves —and over the interwebs— would better serve the 96,4 BeFeMer’s crowd, the 100,3 NRJayers (es lo mismo que  exa fm  es para los mexicanos, the 101,5 NOVA the fake fip, the 102,3 OUÏ …don’t think so, (FM) unless of course Ewe take your clothes off, the 103,5 Virgin Radio… ni de las putas bocinas, if Ewe know what we [the staff] mean, and of course, Juanito Guanabacoa, amigo—no creas ni por un puto minuto que se nos pasó la frecuencia 99 FM Latina la casa de Talía y el reggaeton en París, ni mucho menos Francisco, nos olvidamos del 106.3 Fréquence Paris Pluriel pero eso sí Osler Amaro lo de FPP es única y exclusivamente los domingos de las 10 de la mañana al medio día.

Anygüey, sirenas, i [armando segovia, not the staff] am bringing this up because later this month the Europeean Legal Affairs Committee will vote on changes that Public Relation Firms and Propaganda Farms wish to have when it comes to issues dealing with restrictions designed by “los hijos de Edward Bernays” to change the ways of a free and open Internet; these fuckers wish to put a tap on the flow of information and how independent thinkers (not the pre-fabricated Hit after Hit consumers like the ones on the NRJ and Latina FM) use and SHARE THAT INFORMATION to Stick it to The Man!

… now about David Letterman:

… can Ewe imagine if this “Robocopyright” law comes into effect? Who? I ask EWE—Who is going to highlight in $GR€€N$ the fact that Vettel–Bottas–Vestappen took the Canadian Grand Prix, eh?

Wait for it, wait. Because there seems to be a Carnaval flowing through the airwaves.

TimeStamp: 18h45 à Sebastopol 75001/75004

… coming up:


Breaking the news, a fleet of B-52’s has been spotted over la Île–de–France, early reports suggest that they are dropping a payload of sugarcubes over Paris. Stay tuned for details.

The following must be read in a Brian Williams Voice.

We can’t tell for sure, it was another era, another set of issues and a whole wide range of censorship in the air, but given the opportunity we wonder—we really, really wonder if our own (NBC) David Letterman would have nixed the father of all Stand Up comedians, the great Lenny Bruce, anygüey, we know for a fact that Letterman cut Bill Hicks in half, and that later Ol’Dave apologized… so it went, eh. This, as Bjork once Screamed it: wasn’t supposed to happen but that is the way that censorship rolls.

Brian Williams:

Reconnaissance report suggests that an Army of dreamers commandeered by a renagade Bush, and the Dragonhead Squadron from the Pixies Division is in fact dropping “Politically Kkkkorrrekkkttt,” screaming riots.

… still to come on the BBC:
Indeed, Sir: your Queen is a Reptile, but we[the staff] don’t hold that against you.


TimeStamp on the “Slow Hand” is one one minute for ‘till the middle of the hour before the 11th Hour in Central Europe Time.

Uso justo de la BBC… all content in this frame, including Katy Kay in the form of a lock under chains is property of the BBC., and Getty Images.

Right now, however, time kept moving on and now it’s After Midnight… and what a perfect timing for this “copyright directive” to fly under the radar while Trump and a brutal dictator distract the world from this afront on free speech. Well played Illuminati  well played ∴ 

Let’s Play Hardball