Triage (Noun) in transliteration — Pinochet’s constitution found a new home

O como dicen los franceses

O como dicen los franceses, “nothing that we (the Republic) can see will be forgotten.”
… for starters, as the Republic of Chile buries the dictator-drafted Magna Carta in that country, Donald Trump just issued a VANITY ORDER that ALLOWS HIM TO PURGE THOUSANDS OF FEDERAL WORKERS FOR DISLOYALTY.

https ://www .euractiv .com /section /justice-home-affairs /news /france-says-it-wont-forget-silence-of-some-states-after-teacher-beheading/
  1. noun

(in medical use legal affairs) the assignment of degrees of urgency to wounds criminal acts or illnesses corruption to decide the order of treatment sentencing of a large number of patients Supreme Court rulings or casualties. decisions.

“Democracy dies in darkness”

“Democracy dies in darkness”, even when the lights are on, Robert Costa .:. 4032D0C4-3693-458A-AF13-840B873486D6 🔥 Even when LOS FOCOS’tan ardiendo, querido Beto.

a triage nurse” « a triage Justice »

https ://www .vanityfair .com /news /2020/10 /donald-trump-civil-servants-schedule-f

“Schedule f,” it’s a four-letter word but Rachel Maddow borrowed the last THREE letters in order to better illustrate a censored t-shirt on her hour, and which basically spelled out: God Bless the u.s.a. in 2020.

WARNING: The following might be offensive to WHITE PEOPLE in the united states of suburbia… WITT D.A.T. in mind, “all apologies,” to Judd Apatow.

Breaking NEWS: And just so you know who is pulling the strings…

Thing ONE:
Lazy niggers need not apply

Deer Snoop Dogg, (Sir):

Now before you go all Bad Bunny on the ‘Jail Bird cooking show’ and call the Pound on this here motherfucking staff, understand that neither Armando Segovia, nor Armando Serrano Prieto select the History Channel episodes about the African American Experience… narrated by Ken Burns, off–course, —motherfucker!

With that in mind, and on account that we [the staff of this here non-motherfucking consequential blog] try to KNOT the headlines, the political cartoons and, the current pop media events that cause a ripple on the fabric of time with as viewed through a rearview mirror that is öüï call History, please note that we did not land in ComptonCompton and Long Beach landed on u.s.

Sometimes you wanna go

🎶 Sometimes you wanna go 🥣 BB8A0A0C-1796-4DD8-8044-E31720B9230D … [T]his is a time-delayed TimeStamp. Time Now is the 23rd hour in Paname; Gnomes and Gremlins knocked the transmission. Let’s finish Thing TWO just before midnight.

Thing TWO:
House nigger swears in Trump’s latest addition to the Government of The People* chess pieces as the extreme right prepares to regress the American Experiment to the 1930’s in Alabama.

* The Republican Party


FUCK N.W.A. coming straight from The Underground

Because “it’s KNOT about a Salary, it is ALL about REALITY, gangster—gangster” .:. 23A3ED06-4B7C-46B8-9BEE-B10897A4628E .:. My NIGGAs in PARIS all agree… Yeah, BUDDY!

After Öüï break bread at la Rue Clement (75006) the staff will re-visit Skid Rows’ “Creepshow”.

26 de septiembre, 2020 — By the numbers: negritas in RGB

It’s One o’Clock in CET and Ail put a Hex on youse:

Yeah, Yeah—Yeah—Yeah!

🎶 Yeah, Yeah—Yeah—Yeah!

With a judge like that, you know you should be glad, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Musical Guest: The Fab Four
Playing their number one hit:
“fuck squares”

One trizzay + One trizzay + One trizzay
¿ es igual a ?
One lonely


Never mind Carmen

Never mind Carmen, Santiago! What Dora Longoria wants to know is if the rest of América knows where Víctor Quintana is at? .:. B9EB2955-2A8A-41D0-9109-DB1D8C665029 🎚 And Waldo, a known associate spy of the Instituto de los Eruditos del Toledo¹ de El Tec de Monterrey, responds from the crowd: It’s International Sea THEY, Ya’See.
Have you checked in Los Filtros de Camargue? You know! La Comarca where bullfighters are able to leap tall Toros in a single salto, and where French gauchos pretend that they are cowboys by the beach.

Gobernador filtra información”.
https ://www .jornada .com .mx /2020/09/26 /politica /007n1pol

3 + 9
1 + 3 | 1 + 3 | 1 + 3 |


* en negritas, because öüï is rendering the delivery of this most non-consequential canvas with RBG, as a mode… just because. Have some CAKE and Eye will leave it up to Rick James to call You, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera,…

Must Show Work Section of the post:

Courtesy of Saint Constant

Courtesy of Saint Constant  CAF90181-9432-4709-9EE2-3019B4FA58E5  Mercredi 23 septembre 2020, par Defendente’s efemérides
1525, The Great Inquisitor ( Mel Brooks) edits what the Opus Dei promulgated as « El Toledo de los ultras », en dónde la iglesia deViva Cristo Rey” condena a los llamados Alumbrados, or WO’ist… The Illuminati, a Los Libertinos Espirituales, o simplemente los muy Ni Dieu—Ni Maître —or something like D.A.T..

Note to Editors… FEW THINGS IN MEDIA ARE MORE REVEALING THAN an ensamble of naZional flags and the words “good genes”, just-in-time to synch America’s fourth reich con una cuarta transformación en Chapultepec. But the BURIED LEAD HERE IS D.A.T. at least Donald didn’t grab the nominee by the pussy, and you know you should bee G.L.A.D..

¡DETENTE, Cabrón!!!
Esto es: La santísima inquisitation
https ://rss .cnews .fr /pdf /NEP /20200923