Deer, Chris Hayes… 1,400 $U.S. for a Corona check!!!

Deer, Chris Hayes, sir.

26 bans of Coronas on the Wall

26 bans of Corona beers on the Wall .:. 1503506A-1D29-4337-ABD4-B8BDF721923C 🦠 Friday The 13th at midnight, in Trump Watchtower Times.

MADAFAKER, must read ↕️ this “{” much to ride; including the continuing story of García Madero (Los Detectives Salvajes; Anagrama 1998)


p.9, following las dedicatorias:
—Do you want Mexico’s salvation?
Do you want Christ as our king?

Malcolm Lowry

Thanks, LeBron

Thanks Lebron .:. 0672FEDC-0856-4BC2-BFE4-F60162E2D73C 🏀 And of course, if it’s a world signature event in history, it has to be touched by Bubba-Gump Shrimp. And for the record, Australia is the Enemy. Regardless of how lovely that Barbie is, Rita.

Breaking News:
European Coodies Stay Out
Rosbif cargo welcomed.
Sincerely: “theDonald

“A foreign Virus”– What a fuck is a Foreign Virus, mr. Trump.  By your own marketing rhetoric, mr. President, is there such thing as a “beautiful virus”? And if there is such thing as a “beautiful virus” can öüï please name this “beautiful virus” Lebron–23?

If there is a shortage of health and medical doctors around The Globe, you sir, should look over to The REAL HAVANA and draw from the pool of health and medical workers that Fidel (The Internationalist)  trained under his Embargoed regime. Furthermore, mr. Hayes, Eye has it on good authority to relay to the Italians that following the deportation of all Cuban health and medical workers from Bolivia, Cuba, of all places can quite possibly mitigate their heath and medical workers shortage (in Italy).


Page Two in Paris via Page 20 in 2666

Page Two of CNEWS . fr in Paris, via Page 20 in 2666 .:. CDC7CCA3-E9FD-4BEB-AE09-7D29DDDB7A8B 🗺 🌊 Un picnic de germano parlantes, “acabó con la historia de Espinoza con los jungerianos de Madrid,” Manuel carecía de méritos, y lo peor al parecer, Espinoza estaba muy feo… o algo así.

Previously on 2666:

Bad Religion got in the way, and as a result, Dr. Graffin, Greg (Ph.D, one–Each) explains to the producers of Morning Joe and to a motherfucker named Phil Griffin D.A.T. “Faith Alone, won’t sustain u.s. anymore”, Sin Embargo, the fear of a CLOWN Nation being run by Donald John Trump for another four more years has aligned the faith–based (Orange Soda and Fried Chicken*) pseudo gospel, prosperity GRACE BLESSING of Alabama with the candidate that Michael Bloomberg is betting on; now please let MÍ rearrange that statement for the “Praise the Lord” crowd on the bottom part of the Mason–Dixon door:

Team S. Pellegrino

TEAM S. PELLEGRINO didn’t stand a chance in this RACE .:. C1FB69A0-000E-46F5-8C95-B8900FAE821E Sublimez L’INSTANT from the inside of your Villas. Meanwhile in Nuevo Lyon, TEAM TOPO CHICO, had no Limes.


* [context from CocaCola drinking, bean-eating…

aridoamerican follows], in the mean time, wait scratch that mean fo’ being STUPID with Bruxelles, we [the staff] return to that combat sport called Sociology (with a Capital $):

Wanna Take a beer survey? You will automatically be signed up for a Royal Caribbean Cruise Voyage across the 7 Seas, but FO’ist you’ve got to tell U.S. “what’s in your Wallet?”. ¿Vale?

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