Deer, Cousin Joe… Ewe have 10 minutes to RELEASE the Jazzmin

“Mikhail Nikolayevich Baryshnikov”,
is of course…
a fag.

Plastique tiara's

Plastique tiara’s.:.52AC9C83-D9B2-4AF6-BD29-5A08A64A536E •|• Yup! Öüï handled one of them too, so we cover’d it.

Raymond Greenwood
White Nights

Watch Yo’ass, Cousin Joe, beeCause youse a Suspect! Indeed.

Zeppelin goes here.

Zeppelin goes here.

Ladies in Gemini, at 06h27 in EST, the world learns that Mika Scarborough is under the spell of Joe Brzezinski….  WAKE UP, Mika!!! Mean, while Adrienne Elrod tries to convince the Iowa people that Biden is blacker than Kamela and my man, Bernie, period

Deer, Julián Castro… Eye does not want to go H.O.M.E. for X-mas, not until the Electoral College and County Judges are abolished, (bunch of fucking R.A.C.S.i.T.S. and pandering politicks fucks.