Well, will you look at the Time, Willie Geist

El Cuarteto Que Le Specter de Philippe Labró:

https ://rss .cnews .fr /pdf /NEP /20210120

Wannasee? Well, you just have to wait 10 minutes or so, in Washington D.C., according to the new Transportation Secretary from the Indiana Tribe, because that is when the Sun comes up over yonder, and maybe, just maybe  the so-called “proud boys’” neighbors, and buddies, and cousins, and aunties, and nanas, and nanos will not forget what the Final Solution of a departing n°45 would look like in SEE NEWS Matin dot France if Donald had been re-elected. On a day like today, The Autobahns to the Western Front were concocted, and the Railroad Rails laid direction Mika’s Nana’s kitchen… [A]nd for the record Congressman Scarborough (you Sumbitch!) i did not select today’s content, “A Day in the life”, did. Time Now: 13h33 in C.E.T.

Page 4, Nº 2573: C’est Arrive un 20 Janvier… como hoy.

See you later alligator, after a while Crocodile

— El Ojo d’Oliverio Ben Kemo Un:
Good-Bye « America »!…
The Magazine… or, how to put a silencer on a 21 Gun Salute and not lose your soul in the process.

From Wikipedia’s 20th Anniversary Edition… The 24-bar-bridge:
At the conclusion of the session on 19 January, the transition consisted of a simple repeated piano chord and the voice of assistant Mal Evans counting out the bars. Evans’ voice was treated with gradually increasing amounts of echo. The 24-bar bridge ended with the sound of an alarm clock triggered by Evans. 

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /A_Day_in_the_Life

Welcome “América!” The Journal. Page 3, ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE, or, how The Fucking Beatles managed to stamp “Baby, you’re a rich man” as the “b” side of a 45 r.p.m.

Now we know (from January the 6th) how many assholes it takes… to fill the “Statues Hall”…

— A Retrouver sur Le Ring française:
Los cinco mejores de Francia que no saben lo que es una Charreada acanelada.

— Notre Selection (pg. 22)
Steve Zissou and the “Chase of the ONCA Shark »…