In Hilo, Hawaii, it’s Friday’s Eve 🍎

Deer, Elon Musk… don’t you D.A.R.E. mess around with Cecily Strong, unless you want your next Dragon go the way of a falling Chinese hunk of polluted metal, with that in mind, please follow BriWi’s recommendation (KNOT really) and, “look! Up in the Sky!”

CHELUDO Motors, Lima—OHIO.

In Paname: it’s SATURDAY‘s NIGHT EVE¹ 🍏

With Musical Guest:

THEY TRIPPIN IN ESTAMBUL and The Sun Also Rises with The Mescalero Rubber Soul Woulds

Track 3:
🎶 Sure, Eye lit the fire,
and Mick rode a Tank in a Général’s Rank


1). Saturday, by Rome’s wiki-standards was a syndicated CLOCKWORK version for the Greek speaking markets and, Saturday’s consort was his sister “special” Ops (punto y coma) it could be argued that Saturn Theys are as follows: Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto, Juno, Ceres and Vesta.

Rule N° 3 of Fight Club: Institutions will not SAVE You

The Theater of Pain is now burning,
No one believed the CallforFire
when Mika,
was Smoking in the Boys Room.

Watch the BFM'ers

Watch the BFM’ers read this as the fiction [on the TV/Streams] of what ONCE happened to D.E.M.

The More You KNEW…
pimpinela 2016
Fast-foreward to 2020
in a perfect fiction
Amy would be debating Bernie
Bloomberg would be challenging Trump for the Elephant in the White Room ticket.

Deer, Lawrence O’Donell, you know what’s maddening? You can hate Mí by proxy in REAL TIME:

That when a Midwest Farmer [miner*] Daughter finally arrives to the stage, the equivalent of a Trans Political Athlete competing against the weaker sex in a match of strength, where strength in politics is Cold Hard Cash, has the advantage of a captive, but not necessarily awake [not woke] sheeple.