Feb. 8, 2020 — “Oh, how far we’ve fallen”

Let’s play hardball!!!

Coming up en el Santoral

Coming up en el Santoral, o como dice Defendente Génolini, Le Saint du Jour .:. 203693F4-C431-4E80-9605-84D4BB7C37A9 🖤

https ://www .buzzfeednews .com /article /christopherm51 /ukraine-us-arms-sales / The US Is Holding Up $30M Worth Of Guns And Ammo — And It Wants Its Money Back

Nope, no Sir, The Astros will not Play EL EY during the regular season, but D.A.R.E. are ALWAYS our better Angels.

Bu — Spanish for You Suck

*Bu: [1] Spanish caption for ghosts on comics. [2] Spanish for “You Stink”, “You Suck”, “You Cheat”.

https ://www .latimes .com /sports /dodgers /story /2020-02-05 /dodgers-astros-yankees-angels-cheat-sign-stealing-pantone-294


Inter-me_dio per-mi_so Happy.

Hola, hoy es jueves 26 de enero, 2017.

Someplace in another dimension a Skydog is 🙂 … and Adamaka Sandler _probably would agree:

Bob Dylan was born a jew
Then he wasn’t²
But now he’s back,
… and Mary Tyler Moore
was probably smarter¹ than both her husband
or a guy with the last name of Reiner
on the Dick Van Dyke Show.


“I love that woman, better than any woman I’ve ever seen…
Well, now, she treat me like a king, yeah…
And she look like a dog gone queen.
Wake up momma, turn your lamp down low.
You got no nerve babe, to turn Uncle John* from your door.”


Coming up after The Great Gig in The Sky
new sitcom:  Skydog and Trucks,
Starring Mary Tyler Moore.

Para el récord:

  1. As heard on the Chris Matthews Show. January 25th, 2017 edition of Hardball. Episode where Carl Reiner remembers a former colleague. Transcripts  should  be  in  the  same  domain  where the  Rob  Reiner  interviews are rendered, then stored.
  2. Sandler, A., “The Chanukah Song (ii).” Via: KnowYourSong [dot] com.

* …and by John, of course You Know that we [ the staff ]  here mean to say:

a). Juan, b). Jean, c). Joao, d). Giovanni, e). Johannes/Johan, f). Jaan g). Jānis… x). Yahya, y). Gianni/Giannis/Ioannis/Yannis/Yianni/Yiannis, z). SHANE,  and Yes! Donald, even Juana’s Adicción; but that content is in another log book.