Oh, hey Hallie Jackson: Madge wants to gKnow WTF is a…

What is playing with Steve Sax on Second, and Madge wants to gKnow What da’Fuck is a “journalist-in-residence“? And, could you let the staff [ici] gknow if an opening for a position in Sans Domicile Fixé “stringer” —Sans Domicile Fixeé— opens up on the Neck of your charcoaled Would’s?

Dark energy

Dark energy… fight Fire WITT fire.

Any güey, John Heilemann, does DiBlasio ever sleep!!‽ What is he trying to prove? That his salt & pepper do OutShines, Chris Matthews, —Mike Pence’d do‽ We’re not having it. Go home DiBlasio, you have a Babylon to run.

Aussi, Hallie Jackson. Is it possible… that you could relay to Michael Moore and Chris Hayes, since they are the only CREDIBLE sources to speak about this matter: THAT Donald Trump is not “finally” dealing with China. Nope, Hallie Jackson, it is the other way around; Russia is finally dealing with the final Face / phase of Capitalism: the triumph of the OLiGarchs, just like Ronald Reagan and Dick Cheney wanted it since McCarthyism.

Yippie-Ki-Yay MotherFucker!