Interference 🏉 Pas on the Pig Skin

Mais öüï, on the cueros


BLISSFUL ALIX!!! (page 9) ¡Philippe se olvidó de labrar las LLAVES de HOY! … y la muy ‘Bienaventurada’ responde, “Carry on, I’m going to Nancy”, see you when Eye, —sees you, and don’t forget to Smile.

https ://rss .cnews .fr/pdf/NEP/20200109
Old Nick, öüï have it on good Authority, had a ‘thing’ for Alix;
or maybe it was the other way



It, don't mean a Thing

It, don’t mean a Thing; if IT, ain’t got D.A.T. Swing .:. BD558CA7-5DCE-49CC-8E66-68A64394442C 🐷 “Have you seen the Little Piggies…”

… [E]n México son “chicharrones”, and D.E.M. “cheerleaders” on the sidelines are called « CUERITOS », Bay–bee!!!

Telegram Sam to Morse Code Joe:
— Deer, Cousin Joe, period
— ReeMember that when Barry’s name is invoked, Barack shows up THREE Thymes, period

Well Eye ain't Superstitious

Well Eye ain’t Superstitious, when a CLIO passes by my Doors, period, —Full Stop .:. http s://es .wikipedia .org/wiki/Renault_Laguna +++ —_•¥•_— Any güey, Morse Code Joe, D.A.T. Barack Hussein Obama must BEE a Phat-Rich-CAT to BEE throwing millions and Millions of dollars at all D.E.M. — Etrangers, eh!

https ://es. wikipedia .org/wiki/Renault_Laguna

Mean, while Stupid Americans, idIOTS by any other nomenclature, rejoice at the Masterpiece of “ricky gervais” reality tv productions  on at the Golden Globos, it MEANS, that the Rockefeller posse is just catching up to yet another “Z”, this particular zeta is an Eye catcher, just like Catherine, Mr. Douglass (you fucking romancing Chicharrón) and it hails from the land of the Rising Sun, this particular ‘model’ arrived on a fusca beetle y luego se cruzó con la muy Renault. Sources close to General De Gaulle heard the radio-host Frog say, “Putain!”

Anuncio: SUPER Monday
Client: “el” Rod Strategies
Slogan: Your Score is old news to mí

The news must be slow. Eye wonder what other reality TV Show is going to be put on the menu today to distract on the fact that Donald John Trump, used his executive magic wand to commit murder in I-Rak.

Inter•Mission — FUT 🏉 BAWL

Dear, U.S.A.


AMERICA .:. B5C7D4DC-D72B-4FF2-9D61-F8DBCC8BB6E0 💬 Put it in a BOX for UTAH. 💭 Why do you think Mr. My Dad is a “MEXICAN” in the frame with The Mighty Casie [Season One; Episode 35] is so careful not to hurt Donald Trump’s feelings, and those LIKE them? Because “They” [word of the year according to a certain dictionary] too have a heart… a certain KIND of heart.

What a racket! Really, what a fucking racket and the following must be read in an Elise Jordan’s toddler voice, period

Even if Bernie Sanders wins in an historic landslide and, if the onehorsetown fuckyouall Electoral College constitutional clause is (what’s the word…) amended! The political version of the Super Bowl would remain flawed.

BubbleSpeak: hey Bennet, stop talking to Heidi off–Camera, you are edging for a ‘coscorrón’. Retreat from The Heidi, and inform VOTO LATINO that it’s futile, wearing her “dress greens” will not keep her from getting un simulacro de correspondencia

Ten million dollars for a political campaign add ad in an election ‘year’ that lasts FOUR years only benefits “the” networks.


Unregulated political ads is America’s biggest form of CANCER. The only winners in a system that requires “the” players to pan-handle for money in order to stay “competitive” are The Networks. Right now the system is throwing money to a crack addict so that s/he can continue to buy rock from a drug kingpin. Sorry for the comparison but unless the only channels that can run presidential campaign ads are PUBLIC ACCESS STATIONS, the American Idiots… the American people will continue to have a reality show for government instead of a functioning Republic.