July 15th, 2018 Two hours ‘till Game Time in Central Nato Time

Our projection for the final tally on this Tale of the Tape is 2 — 1… we [the staff]  are not going to say where the next resting spot for the World Cup is going to be.

The good thing about this most inconsequential blog is that there is No National Public Radio in France… porque déjame que te cuente, María Hinojosa, que si en Francia hubiese una Radio Nacional, ahorita los franceses andarían por todas las grandes avenidas de su capital (la de los franchutes, no la suya) coreando como el Gallo Claudio (a.k.a: Foghorn Leghorn/Charlie Le Coq) a La Marsellesa en cada esquina donde se pueda ver algún televisor.

María likes The Blues… mean while at Immigration and Customs Enforcement, good nEws: The good thing about I.C.E. is that inside of the “hieleras” the guards will allow the children to watch the World Cup’s Final Match.

TimeStamp: 16 hundred hours in Central Europe Time

14 juillet, 2018… 23h45

context follows… because it was actually 23h37 in CET when the fireworks display came to an end.

[ no picture follows… description, maybe].


… if we [the staff can find some vino in the land of wine it will most definitely be a long 48 hours.

Stick around, Weekend Edition continues.