Copy… nice reading glasses!

They sure are, SSgt. Wallace, you should wear them spectacles more often, they bring out the “genius” in you. Anygüey, this is an intermission; but before we [the staff] turn our Squelch On, we’d like to ponder if, on that February 22nd heatwave of 2016, in Las Vegas, John Heilemann would have pondered himself Siding with an Exxon Mobile exectutive over the President of The United States of America… because tonight, under an October 2017 Full Moon on the CET: Pound for Pound and as a leader on the world stage: Donald John Trump sure looks like a FUCKING MORON.

With all due respect, the ball is on your court… Uso Justo del Circo de la Elección General gringa del 2016.

In the mean time, Big Kat breaks out the Old Gray Whistle Test and she wants you all too, to shout for one of the Greatest Acts in Rock and Roll: Tom Petty and of course… The Heartbreakers.

Listening silence mode.