“It’s Symbolic”, of course… as heard on the Cousin Joe Show

Shannon Pettypiece announces Round Two, round one was viscously “won” by the very Rude, and very Red corner of the Romulus as all three Mortal Kombat 3–Amigos took a ring post and along with Romulus on the remaining post all did the infamous “Plancha” on Remus. 

Still to come

Still to come, on page 1 of “La Terrasse” n° 285 — Pasolini’s Prism .::. DC195375-0C2E-4CB0-B8DF-B64613F699CD 🗣 « La Culture est une RÉSISTANCE à LA Distraction. » Dr. Ernesto “Che” Guevara, speaking at “The Ring” p.47 de la Tétralogie à l’Opéra national de Paris, featuring Steve Schmitt in the role of “Le metteur en scène espagnol Calixto Bieito”, in the prologue of, L’Or du Rhin de WAGNER; “la plus osée dans le cadre of From Dusk to Dawn en El Crepusculo de los dioses”, o algo así.

Over in Beijing: “They say that the return of vehicular traffic is the fucking reason Beijing has such beautiful fucking rainbows”.

Elise Jordan joins in on the conversation and after the Break, “Santanico Pandemonio” is ready to open La Bolsa de Medici en Châtelet; en face de la pata del cochón, en Saint–Eustache.