the Chief Commander’s High Mobility Multi-purpose Volks Wagen.

Audi-o engineer:

Still to come, GO’ills with Spectacles… y, “el próximo toro le corresponde a Courtney Kube ».

See Oh Eight Five Two Eight Seven, “Gates Of Eden »…

[Audi-o engineer gets cut-off]



— Are Ewe gonna do it!?

— Re on guitar… yeahbutEye’am gonna do Dis’other wan first.

— Wazzzz thenameof it?

It’s Alright Ma’ Eye’m ONly Bleedin’

Page 340, Pandémonium, « Le Gipper³ » is absent on The Satanic Bible, that’s because President Reagan was Shining a city on a Hill”… by all accounts, this is a bootleg post. Details at 9 on “The Radar Report”.

³.☺ Let’s do the simple math, Page… get your ABBA’cus—details at 9 on “The Radar Report”.

O.K. re-slate. CO85287 It’s Alright Ma’ —

🎧🖥️🎶🎶🎶 Track Tú

The Cutting Edge 1965-1966
The Bootleg Series
Vol. 12
[Deluxe Edition]

[Bo’bourg gets cut-off]

Audi-o engineer:

Bob, can you just back’off just a little… yada, yada, yada… that’s good, that’s good —


I really don’t feel LAÏque doin’ THIs SOng, I have to Do It Though—Such a long Song {/S}

Intermedio con Malphaso como dicen los muy ∴ franceces-esos ∴, “Le présidente from [Hell] ».

But FO’ist!!! The FOO on the HILL, re-arranges LET IT BE… and if you know what a DARK HORSE looks like, then the truban TURBAN… [KNOT “truBAN“] on D.A.T. “saddledpigeon is a DEAD give ah-güey CLUE d.a.t. FAUL has broken a GLASS. In other WO’ids, “the first line of the emerald tablet“: As ♠ above — so, be low [rider].
Donc, according to Anton LaVey, Paul McCartney is 6, and Frank Black de-DUCES that, efectivamente, —Paul McCartney is the devil.

Attn: Лагерь.

Check please 😇 /$/.

Ringo Starr is The Raven [Badum-Tish].