Anecdotally 12 hours ago in Hilo, Hawaii 🛰️

“Where’s Jackie, babe? ”, all Eye needs is a Pint of Ale a day; many, many Ale.

https ://www .cbssports .com /mlb/news /aaron-judge-hits-61st-home-run-of-season-to-match-roger-maris-al-record-for-most-hrs-in-single-season /live/


Öüïknowdis, All the Knews that fit.

Across the Tampico waterfront in the Gulf of México, all of a sudden Avi Velshi wants to face East… What’s next, the French are going to discover the secrets of Hermes? C’mon, man! Where’s Jackie?… Roger, go get your dad.


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It’s 10 am in Hilo, Hawaii