Two-minute warning — Chief! — Day 1100

Happening right now on C-SPAN:

Take a knee

Show your SPINE, “prospector” and take a knee .:. 5779209B-5F47-45A8-8DD6-4ADBFC6EF9F7 🗣

Democrats present evidence on
“Abuse of power”
Take a knee, “Commander–in-Chief”
Collateral damage follows

Withholding for Smears .:.

Withholding for Smears .:. ADD7BB1C-153B-4A82-B2D5- AF363E40E344 🏦 Meanwhile at the FED, the United States of America just realized without learning, or even trying to know, that President Trump’s golf trips and extravagant expenditures from his Cabinet have just set the U.S. Foreign Debt in the TRILLIONS, but who cares? As long as the sheeple get their own red MAGA hat it’s all good. Have another Corona, and never mind the virus, by the time when the strain hits the Continental U.S. the Trump zombies will already be braindead, and the Idea of a “shining city upon a hill”, D.E.A.D..

Official review: illegal hold! Ten Yards. First Down.


Record will show, that the call to the Ukraine is choppier than a G.T.A. on Fifth Avenue, and the truth is that right does not matter under President Trump.


Der•SHOW•witz, literally: The•SHOW•joke .:. 420EE642-C7EF-444B-A4A1-2D1100E75A1D 🧤It’s a little tiny glove, COUNSELOR, it fits like a glove, literally! On Donald John Trump’s little hands. IF THE GLOVE FITS, you must convict. ALL TOGETHER NOW: 🎶 if the glove fits 🎵 you must convict.