NO MAMES: The GOP’s Message to Babies

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Republican Hypocrisy At Its Worst.

True to form, the party that protects embryos to the core fails to protect the child once it develops into an independent breathing being.

We know where you live, Bitch… correction, we KNOW where you LIVE, Mitch, and we know that neo-nazis guard your gates.

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Why independent breathing beings are not a good investment for the Goverment Of the [stupid American] People, especially at the early stages of life and once these biological creatures develop into wholesome healthy children.

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Keep on Rocking in The Free World 

[Graphic News] Zuckerberg becomes world’s 3rd-richest person… There is no justice. This ‘dude’ single-handedly handed over the American Dream to Vladimir Putin… but, Hey! keep on rocking on the “free” facebook. — If your publishing or media company still uses facebook to “stay connected” with the customer base, you too, are part of the problem. Mark Zuckerberg is edging to become what Pirelli Tires was to Mussolini and BMW to Hitler… ¡No Mamen!!!

…anygüey, we [the staff] apologize for the typos, mistakes were made on the upper section, we do believe that Fenster ‘The Copy Editor’ went ahead and squared away the it’s and its along with the knowns or unknowns.

We now return to the what the world (except msnbc) is saying about the American opposition to a World Health Organization Resolution promoting breastfeeding resolution.

“We don’t smoke Mariguana in Muskogee”… and we like powder milk instead of Mother’s Milk. (Sorry, Mr. Nelson, but this new golfing tradition that Your Current President of The United States is trying to pull just ain’t gonna Fly. I do believe that Merle [may his God rest his soul] would agree with this most inconsequential Blog.

I’m proud to have smoked some Marihuana and dropped some LSD with some old Okies from Bakersfield… in California—Ewe’all!

But i’m more proud that i was not deprived from my mother’s milk.

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Our continuing coverage on Breastfeeding continues
with the Néstle/facebook factor
Courtesy of La Jornada en Inglés
The Guardian:

How formula milk firms target mothers who can least afford it

Hospital staff were also found to be recommending specific formula brands in lists of “essential purchases” handed to new mothers. Targeted advertising on Facebook and partnerships with influential “mummy bloggers” means mothers are being exposed to more unregulated formula promotion than ever before.

This issue is older than 4 months… that’s for damn sure, anygüey, “… “a Guardian/Save the Children investigation in some of the most deprived areas of the Philippines found that Nestlé and three other companies were offering doctors, midwives and local health workers free trips to lavish conferences, meals, tickets to shows and the cinema and even gambling chips, earning their loyalty. This is a clear violation of Philippine law.” *-_!_-*  Source right below.

Full Story from
Hannah Ellis-Petersen at The Guardian and, Save the Children

The sad thing (from reading the story via The New York Times) about the U.S. delegation from the Health and Human Services at the World Health Assembly in Geneva is that when the “trumpsters” failed to change the language in the resolution in favor of the instant formula manufacturers lobby, in true form, the American delegation went all John Perkins on Ecuador and at least a dozen African and other Latin American nations.

Here’s what The New York Times printed about the “show-down”:

The Americans were blunt: If Ecuador refused to drop the resolution, Washington would unleash punishing trade measures and withdraw crucial military aid. The Ecuadorean government quickly acquiesced.

It wasn’t until the Russian delegation didn’t make a fuss about the Breast-feeding Resolution that the TRUMP DELEGATION went ahead and backed down but not without getting their panties all up in a bunch first and threatening the assembly that Washington would cut its funding for the WHO.

Before we [the staff] move on to another bucket of worms courtesy of the Trump Administration or, the outcome of the Mexican election of 2018 we’d like to mention one thing to the Ecuatorian delegation:

Hermanos y hermanas de La República del Ecuador,

Lo siguiente se escribe de todo corazón, pero eso sí, que conste de que también se escribe con el acento, el dejo y los regionalismos de mi región en el Estado de Durango: San José de Las Panochas.

Camaradas, ¡no sean culos!. Neta que no existe otra puta manera de apuntarló. Y se los digo visto desde el retrovisor que tiene plasmado (asi como una pantalla digital que se queda prendia con la imagén en pausa por uno o dos días… o sexenios) el llamado PLAN MÉRIDA.

Estoy seguro, que Julio Jaramillo estaría de acuerdo con lo que les voy a decir, hubierán mandado a la delegación derechito por “el arco del triunfo”.

Sabén ustedes para lo único que sirvió ¿”El Plan Mérida”?, sirvió más que para una puta chingada. Sirvió para enriquecer al gobierno de Felipe de Jesús Calderón Hinojosa de Zavala. Sirvió para que Eric Holder, el antiguo Fiscal General de Los Estados Unidos bajo el mandato de Barak Obama pudiese internar rifles, metralletas y municiones de alto poder para el “uso esclusivo de los narcos”.

Pienso, que si a México, mi gobierno de los Estados Unidos no le hubiese hecho el favor de facilitarle esa “ayuda militar” para acabar con el crimen organizado, mismo que mis amigos “Los Okiesde California, o mismo de Chicago, o vaya, hasta de Nueva York convierten en un negocio redondo para la industria de la Seguridad Nacional, pues México no llevaría una cuenta de muertos, desaparecidos, secuestrados, linchados, pozoleados, descabezados que ni Siria o Afganistán han podido topar.

En fin. Eso es todo lo que les quería apuntar. Por favor díganle a sus gobernantes que saquén un poquito más de espina contra lo que les diga el puto de Donald Trump… me estás leyendo López Obrador [por supuesto que no].

Reciban, pues, —un fuerte abrazo,
Armando Segovia
Hacedor de este intrascendente blog.