11 de noviembre


On the 11th Hour. On the 11th Day. Of the 11th Month… and counting.  —_—  In the background: Marie Curie, happy Sesquicentennial Anniversary… Sweet radioactive Dreams, and good night, you’re looking good at your ripe old age… “Here’s looking at you” on a big screen, Kid .

TimeStamp 11h00 CET.

Ahora—el resto de la historia. En Vivo.

Round ONE:

—USO justo de todos los medios— … in other news, a pedophile closes the musical moment of the Trump figure 8 rally

—USO justo de todos los medios— … in other news, a pedophile closes the musical moment of the final figure-8 Trump rally. Ted Nugent [he is not the architect of  “a better place”] Ted Nugent, the one who plays guitar used to buy teens for sex. Ted Nugent, the one with a bow and arrow is looking forward to a cabinet position next to Newt, Rudolph, and of course Kris Chrispy via satellite from the CB4. | Ahora que me acuerdo… Saludos a Tamaulipas.

2nd quarter now in progress
and a new Chapter in Harry Potter Land.
Coming Up: Senator Franken —moonlighting as Moe.

Context follows

Context follows… Uso Justo de todos los medios.

If Donald Trump wins it, IT will be the biggest waste of the World’s Time,
Just like Brexit. Right Parliament?
Chris…at the Fix. Please keep your Birth Control Glasses, on.
Please, keep ‘em on.

DEAR New York Times…
as long as you make your rounds
on ‘the’ Reddit, the staff will keep reading your stuff.
TimeStamp 13:08 CET

Mr. Skittles. WELCOME to the show… carry on.
Did Rhinos come crying up to you Mr. Skittles?
And regarding your Dad:
“brash” my ass, like a lot of little Godinez in México, Mr. Trump
your dad was a Bully…

Dedicated to Jennifer Granholm from the Great State of Michigan. Saludos, Gov.!


For profit / sport kill of a rhinoceros follows ⇑.

At the 8th minute of the 14hours in CET, Madonna played a ‘small, acoustic’ show for the NewsTickers at MSNBC. [Just the facts Ma’am, just the facts]… Good morning Mr. Scmidt, nice shirt. Good Points. Have a nice day.

Staff will now let ‘the’ MSNBC’s for a few minutes to [ironically] let MSNBC let the People Vote… in the mean time that remains, the staff is going out into the operational theater to retrieve a Mr. Hanks picture. FIP, i’m coming over, should the Staff bring pop-corn.

Up next: THE MELVINS… but before the staff leaves for a while. With all of the excitement in the political airs, the staff couldn’t find a space to properly inhale [legal stuff, of course] breath, and then celebrate the Poles.

… and while we are at it, Shout-Out to the 9muses at FIP… i'm not saying—Just Say'n; and Yes. Yes we Can.

… and while we are at it, Shout-Out to the 9muses at FIP… i’m not saying—Just Say’n; and Yes. Yes we Can.

Happy birthday Marie Curie. With this in mind: Fuck Donald Trump; and to all the squares i loved: Thank you for your support.

Bonus Jeopardy Track:
this is not a question,
it appears that this is just another Fact.
Don’t let Marie Curie die two times.
Donald Trump said that today is a New American Independence Day.
Once again Donald, you are wrong.
Marie Curie left the Lab. on July 4, 1934.
Independence from superstition
died a little more on a day like yesterday,
but back in 1867.
Because Donald, on a day like today
Marie Curie was just a couple of Hours old.
So happy after-hours Poles day.
Marie Curie: November 7th, 1867—July 4, 1934.

"Racismo, precariedad, intolerancia, crisis en las élite's —COLUCHE— ya nos lo había prevenido!" | Revista Marianne, edición especial: Historia. Octubre —2016.

FOTO de ARCHIVO… colección: The Street is my Gallery. | “Racismo, precariedad, intolerancia, crisis en las élite’s —COLUCHE— ya nos lo había prevenido!” | Revista Marianne, edición especial: Historia. Octubre —2016.