à écrir sur sa peau

Hola, hoy es lunes y el staff trae una hueva épica.


Well, it’s about FUCKING TIME in Central Europe, of course, eh! After all, we [the staff] are talking about MotherFucking JUPITER en relación with a little LUNAtic who got elected because he was playing Cuck Old with Vladimir Putin. What a little Bitch, that President Trump is. Shameful, disgusting.

Faltan cinco para las siete en Central NATO TIME.

Dear Stephen Colbert:

Sir, it’s a good thing that Ewe don’t read this most inconsequential blog, because if Ewe did we [the staff] would ask Ewe to please give our regards to our favorite U.S. Attorney General, Mr. Eric Holder.

We [the staff] are aware that right now it is not the time to give The F.B.I. or the Obama legacy any shit, but Sir, Fast and Furious, —y El Plan Mérida— no se olvidan.

puta Madre, qué pinche Wüeva nos acosa; neta que sí.