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L'Île Cthulhu says

L’île Cthulhu says .:. FA2F289B-B6DB-4531-AD51-06FE2EC130C9 🦑 No haga O.L.A.S.

https ://www .msnbc .com/morning-joe/watch/iranians-not-suddenly-on-the-side-of-hardliners-rep-crenshaw-76412485614

“Adelaido Flores 🕵🏼‍♂️ no descartó la posibilidad que el menor conociera cada 👈🏼 arma 👉🏼 mediante algún video 🕹”

We don't choose the blagues

We [the staff] don’t Choose les blagues, don Calderón, simplemente las trazamos, and D.A.R.E. to show our work, —for the record .:. 024DCB71-F764-4083-9D0B-21EF7632C04A 📓Dictionnaire des noms de rues by Bernard Stéphane, 6ª Edición,  Mengès 75002; impreso en Italia.

🕵🏼‍♂️ Public Safety
🕹 Insert juguete del diablo ( 🎮 )

Unnecessary roughness — Deer, Amb. McFaul

Día de descanso… hoy no hubo Jazz

Las "blag-o-netas"

Las “blag-o-netas” .:. 2500939C-B8C4-4DD3-87F0-3C5DC1295660 🎹 Respuesta: Una mala nota.

Mientras tanto en La Laguna:

… [A]s read on the inside wrapper of a CARAMBAR Bar, and transliterated by staff

It's not silly

“Y, cómo dicen los franceses: it’s not silly,” .:. 10DD2BC5-1A87-4ABB-88FE-B5914CF5FC28 🕵🏼‍♂️ Adelaido Flowers is on the right trail, except for the Home Entertainment options that the “pistolero” had at home (with his ABUELITOS). No mention of Bullying by the state authorities is a DE•SERVICE to not only La Comarca, but the entire “territorio Telcel®️”… “¡Llámele!

Una pianola le pregunta a su hijo, el piano, al regresar de la escuela.
— ¿Porqué esa cara hijo?
— Ask the preacher man in the Frame up above.


MOVING ON… and this is a true ANECDOTE, eye shit you not, sir.


AMERICA .:. 30811A07-CA27-4083-81C5-C1AC66ABFE02 —_•!•_— “America is not good at predicting Revolutions (civil wars)”, Indeed, professor ; we (U.S.A.) are great at starting them, though.

But, let mí, give you a “shout–out” for delivering some Historical truth about U.S., and let it be known that öüï don’t believe in coin•cidence, so when the L.O.C.A.L. AMERICA magazine poners in French, if WE (the people) of the United States have a « Thing » for G.W.A.R., and your Excellency, you just motherfucking H.I.T. the nail in the Head ; if Eye onlyhad a hammer“, Ernest Hemingway would be rollin’ in his grave because Eye just used a “semi–colon” next to his name, —IndEEd.