¡Oye, Geraldo, jingo this jingle-LO-ba-lo: Animals are great

A They In The Life:

Love for birdie 😙🏸… That’s like an entire Rock an Roll Circus from The Rolling Stones after a Hard Day’s NIGHT and Day at The Cavern.

The GAP on  the argument: fuck you ChinaNuevo León.

Shut’em Down.


Jesús en Safari… aquéllas pequeñas cosas

Young People are 🌱

note to Editors, with regards to the lead:  Öüï decided to change the ORDER of the ExcLAmation sign from down and out to up and Fuck You!

Como un gaviota, doña Anne, haga usted de cuenta, any how the Moon is in Full Phase. Time now.

_not to be confused with El Bajari de la 16 casi esquina con las tres cruces, not Las Cruces al otro lado del Cruce en Sta. Teresa y Lomas deL poLEO.

Intermedio con los vibra-mecs:

Chapman can only stand the story time en La Generación Pop for Five minutes at The Dakota… “don’t you know Öüï’$ talking about a Revolution on Sunday Bloody Sunday? STUPIDOS!

For context, since there won’t be a “podcast” for posterity, on today’s date, the station above retransmitted Sunday’s show before noon, yada, yada, yada, the Mecs closed with Tracey Chapman and followed wit You Tú.

Shut’em down follows!


Note to Geraldo Rivera:

Hola, Boricua! Now you might be wondering how “Imagine a Dragoon” fits on this Barbie, well, you empty-safebox-broadcasting foo, You, of all the cock sucker’s at FOX News walked next to Lennon, and these are my Credentials:

32 Flavors, and then some 🍦

It has nothing to do with the faggety French Foreign Legion, if you should need further references, go to Olympia, Washington, and ask for Axl’s Patch, the 32nd AR Regiment to be precise, it’s the same one from Friedberg, Kräutsland, you know, ELVIS’S patch. In case youse a Young American who needs to be reminded what a 5.56 NATO Round is supposed to do. Not a funny sight to see.

Not to be outdone by Joan, Jean that motherfucker— pulled out “Ces petits choses”, Sin embargo, la « génération pop ” anda de vacaciones EN LAS Colonias del imperio de l’Académie française.

La Belle Époque des 2020'$

La Belle Époque des 2020’$… The Roaring Twenties