Amada, Nath-a-lie… pobre tu Chingada Madre!

Ahuuuuuuuuu! 🐺

1 de marzo, 2023_ La Ciudad de París en Toluca, Edo. de Mexico. / No Such Thing on the Record.


We begin last night’s programming with the Wallace on deadline where Them Foxes-es on The Geraldo Rivera Show reminded the Mexican Baseball Hall of Fame en las Instalaciones de La Cervecería Cuauhtémoc, that el so-called, “Art Rock” has nuttin’ ado’ with the “American Curious” Rock Shop en San José de Las Panochas en El Bolsón de Mapimí, Mpio. del Real de Minas del Señor de Vermeille, México.

1525Cuauhtémoc is executed on the order of conquistador 🇪🇸 Hernán Cortés.

According to García Bernal de Televisa, Temo’ said this to the 🇪🇸 gachupín with the matches, “Oh Malinzin [c’est-à-dire Cortés] ! Maintenant je comprends tes fausses promesses et le genre de mort que tu me réservais. Car tu me tues injustement. Que Dieu vous demande justice, comme elle m’a été enlevée lorsque je me suis confiée à vous dans ma ville de Mexico ! »… ¡Joder, begorra!

1. Got my i’s
2. Got my O’s
3. Got my u’s…
and don’t get Mí started with them Ey’ Baby qué pasó?

To add insult to the illusion, the French are at it again, thinking that they can play rock and roll. Deer, goD, quelle colère.

1848: en Francia se proclama oficialmente la Segunda República 🥸.

On the morning of September 17, 1973, Garza was on his way to work. At a red light in Monterrey, his car was blocked by another. Two young men got out and a struggle ensued. Garza’s driver and assistant were killed, as was Garza as he reached for his pistol. Two of the men were also killed, identified as Javier Rodriguez Torres and Hilario Juarez Garcia. It was a failed kidnapping attempt organized by the guerrilla Liga Comunista 23 de Septiembre… now do remember, Öüï’s talking through Wikipedia.

We’re just not there yet.

First, Öüï has to play Botellita de Jerez y su “Valona de La Conquista”… “acaso piensas que esto es una Bohemia?”

— Of course not, Mr. Sada… now just whistle while you wait and let the inspiration to the Real Visceralismo do their thing.

Suicide is painless. 1983 – The final episode of M*A*S*H airs. No movie was shown at the mess hall.

Previously on, Bernardo Reyes was a hyena lover and a Carta Blanca pissing peasant with the rank of a Louisiana General “Piggly Wiggly”:

🍻 During the Mexican Revolution, which began in 1910, its original founders supported Victoriano Huerta*. As a consequence, his rival Venustiano Carranza seized the brewery, so the founders’ families fled to Texas. They re-acquired the brewery through the intervention of [the] U.S. and Russian diplomats… according to Wikipedia.

*~. Y por ende, Henry Lane Wilson

and here is wisdom from SciencesPo campus Tec de Monterrey… why do you think ⚽ they are called “los rayados”… porque son hijos del dueño de una tienda de raya*”