Kiss a frog 🐸 — Starring the Paris Tourism Board


No insistas Suzi:

RAPE – MO’ider… it’s just a Text Message away. And if you are a regular Nathan Dog— chilli cheese—Diesel guzzlin’ —black soot spewing— bible thumpin’ republican voter, FOX NEWS viewer, then you’d be forgiven for not knowing that Geraldo Rivera, much like PRINCE, was a little baller in the Peruvian Basketball Circuit. And as a matter of fact, like the Drug Enforcement Administration in SONORA, Mexico, Geraldo was an INSTRUMENTAL forward in bringing down the back-then newly installed Socialist experiment in Chile. Do pay attention to the fact that even way-back then, Geraldo was already sporting the ‘stach on his upper belfo.

Dedicated to all, with a lack of imagination 🎺

Kiss a frog 🐸… and that renacuajo will turn into a Chameleon, ask Johnny Rango.

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https ://www .liberation .fr /culture /2011/07/13 /ernest-hemingway-suicide-par-le-fbi _748914/

Happy Birthday Hemingway… 19 days later, Kurt Cobain would get the inspiration for that famous line: Come As You AreI swear that I don’t have a gun.

The Federal Communications Commission in WaWa Land just rolled out a “3-digit dialing code for individuals in crisis”, the hotline was inspired by Dr. Oz’s 1980 debut album, The Blizzard of Istanbul.

The Hours… Sous Les Jupes de La Méchante Socière du 3éme.

If you are feeling that wine is no longer fine and that whisky is quicker you might want to give the 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline a trycoma frutas y verduras y consulte a su curandero.

This has been a public service announcement
from your Paris Tourism Board which reminds all TRAVELING ∴ frogs ∴ that if you do plan on commiting SUICIDE, don’t be a sucker, get yourself a Vacation Package to the United States and just walk down any YELLOW BRICK ROAD, operators are standing-by and ready to take you out on account that the U.S. Congress has not approved an “active shooter” three-digit number.

Any Way The Wind Blows.