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Hang on a minute…

It’s Primetime in Hilo, Hawaii, and at the Louvre in Paris, France, tonight’s twilight is being brought to y’all by Leonardo Da Vinci, ahora sí, doña Vilma, “la forma es fondo.


And, mister Stravinsky nevermind the Spiral… you fickle FuCks, I’m mad about the Siren, check it out:

Stone Cold Crazy, it’s a cover, not a hoodie.


But, FO’ist .. fuck th#e police.

With that in mind, this Phish-tailed cOuntLeß bitch is Évrywhere, güera… and D.A.T. is no lie.

Meanwhile at Stravinsky’s place, it’s the same setup but with shine for luster.


Ariel was a Dyke! And with that in mind, if youse one of the Selenitas de Selene don’t forget to aim[e] for them stars and Shoot for La Mona on The Moon 🌙.