No insistas, hija de Astérix… mi corazón es de Suzi

Issy, comadre Letty, esas niñas d’Alesia son bien… Adrenalinas, y mejor ya no digo nada porque se enoja el señor “pelos de Vermicelli”, dijo Catón.

K & S... come together

K & S… come together — Over Mí 🎶 (Twice). And never mind The Runaways, it’s just a cold play on Words, on all–kinds of Thyme zones… now just to bee inclusive, Comadre Letty, you too May come along and join “the” Kristen and “the” Suzi, but not before Astérix Daughter gives a “Thank You Yeezus” to the guy a.k.a. “The little Cesar helper” at a place called D.C., punto y aparte

In HILO, Hawaii, it’s the 1600 hours in GMT+10
and Coming Up in the programming:

It’s another edition of Calaveras de Jalowin

Now for the people who think that Chicago is the Second City, (the nerve of some niggas) let Mí explain it in simple terms and you May Do the Maths later on the latter days. Number One is of course Parisis/Lutece–Paname–París; then comes Angoulême/New Amsterdam/New York; and of course AZTLÁN/Nuestra Señora de Los Ángeles follows, in–no–particular ORDER. Now as far as Chicago goes, Chicago es la ciudad de las DOS necesidades.

Bring back Obama

We miss Barry, even if he became a Chicago transplant… Champagne & Asparagus, and if you have never read this most “intrascendente” blog, you know that we are not casting a spell on them aspersions, (Rep. Louie Gohmert).

In other news, according to President Trump, the leader of IS (Daesh) went out in the same way that Ted Nugent got out of serving his “beloved” country during Vietnam; which according to president Trump, Al-Baghdadi “cried, whimpered, and screamed (there were even underaged dragged with him)”_

File photo of IS leader not available

File photo of IS leader not available, however, here’s a close equivalent on the opposite side of the “coward run–for–your–life” Spectrum.

… [N]o word if the monster shit his pants, like the most coward man in Rock history did when asked to serve the country that he claims to love.